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Performance index of capacitive touch screen

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Performance index of capacitive touch screen


For the capacitive touch screen system, the performance indicators can be divided into:For temperature range, power consumption, signal-to-noise ratio, scanning speed, waterproof,ESD, anti-RF interference capability, encapsulation, etc.

The signal-to-noise ratio is the core indicator. Most of the experienceAll depend on the signal-to-noise ratio, such as touch coordinate accuracy and touch sitting.The size of the jitter and the linearity of the marking all depend on the signal-to-noise ratio.According to the relationship between the touch screen and the display screen, the touch coordinate accuracy should be displayed.The requirement for each pixel on the screen calculates the capacitive touch.The signal-to-noise ratio of the screen system is about 50 (34 dB). Depending on the system in the different environment, the signal-to-noise ratio may drop.

There is no quantitative measure of RF perturbation resistance. Only from the qualitative.Above requirements, in the normal use environment, including the GSM signal,CDMA signal, WIFI signal, microwave oven signal, and this civilian.Line communication equipment cannot interfere with the normal operation of the touch screen.

The scan speed is defined as the speed at which the touch screen controller scans the touch screen.linear measure. According to the characteristics of the touch button, one button will be exceeded.20ms.As long as the scan is within 20 ms, it will be able to scan to the occurrence of the touch.

During touching, the fingers will sweat. With a capacitive touch screen.When a capacitive touch device enters a hotter location from a colder location, a layer of water mist appears on the capacitive touch screen surface. Capacitive touch screens are required in both.It can be used normally in any case.Using a capacitive touch-screen device in very diverse working environments,The temperature range suitable for the user must be wide; otherwise, it may cause discomfort to the user.The operating temperature range of the general capacitive touch screen is -20 °C to 70 °C.

The capacitive touch screen will age during use. aged After the touch.Screen touch performance will degrade. With a capacitive touch screen system, you can correct the general.Aging, so that it can be used normally, prolongs the life of the system.




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