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Our products are widely used in various types of smart phones, intelligent homes, communication, medical apparatus and instruments, car play, wearable devices, virtual reality and other internet terminal products. Professional design and manufacturing LCD display more than 15 years. We are determined to become the leading LCD module manufacturer in the global LCD technology industry.

TFT LCD Module

TFT LCD module series includes standard TFT LCD module, high brightness TFT, IPS FULL view TFT module.

Capacitive Touch Panel

CTP series consists of GFF, OGS, GG touch panels


OLEDs are used to create digital displays in devices such as computer monitors, television screens, and portable systems such as smartphones, PDAs and handheld game consoles.

ODM LCD Solutions

We have independently mastered leading technologies including LTPS-TFT, AM-OLED, Oxide -TFT and IN-CELL/ON-CELL integrated touch control. We can meet various customization requests.

About Us

Kelai Electronics was established in 2006. It was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange new third board in 2016. It’s a state-level high-tech enterprise of LCD solution provider. Our factory is in Guangdong and Jiangxi province of more than 10000㎡. Research center in Shenzhen and Taiwan.
As a top LCD module manufacturer, Kelai owns the leading technologies including LTPS-TFT, AM-OLED, Oxide-TFT and INa-CELU, ON-CELL integrated touch control. We have 30 fully automatic production lines, the monthly capacity...

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7*24 Hours Service

As the best LCD module manufacturer in China, we have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.

Professional R&D team

With a team of 20 R&D engineers who have no less than 8 years LCD experience. We are always here for you as your trusty LCD Module Manufacturer.

Advanced equipment and skilled workers

70% production equipment are imported from Japan and South Korea. It enables us to make precise work and assure good quality.

Reliable after sales service

We have one year of warranty. For every customer, we assign one professional quality control specialist to follow the project.

How to Customize Your LCD?

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When it comes to expertise and service, there's no one better than Kelai LCD Module Manufacturer. Our team is here to help, which is why we get more repeat business than anyone else out there.
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What are the uses of a 12 inch LCD display?

In today's digital age, LCD displays have become an integral part of various electronic devices and equipment. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of LCD displays, LCD panels, and LCD modules in China, we understand the importance and versatility of a 12-inch LCD display. Let's explore

Types and Selection of TFT LCD Module Interfaces

TFT LCD display module consists of an FTF LCD panel, one or more COG (chip on glass) or COB (chip on board) driver ICs, a backlight, and an interface. There are currently several TFT display interface technologies, and the selection of the appropriate interface depends on the specific terminal produ

The difference between capacitive and touch screens - the difference between capacitive and oled screens

What is the difference between capacitive screens and OLED screens?There are significant differences. Capacitive screen is a touch screen technology, while OLED is a display screen technology, and the two are not related. However, currently OLEDs mostly use capacitive screen technology. OLED screens

Reasons and solutions for LCD screen flashing

Reasons and solutions for LCD screen flashingWhat is the reason for the LCD screen flashing? What are the solutions to LCD screen flashing? Nowadays, LCD screens are widely used in various industries, but many people may notice a flickering screen during use, which is a very bad experience for users

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The Consistency of LCD Displays and the Criteria for Their Selection

The Consistency of LCD Displays and the Criteria for Their Selection1. How much do you know about the LCD screen's uniformity? An essential criterion for assessing the LCD display's quality is how uniformly bright it is. If the uniformity is poor, it indicates that the LCD display's backlight light

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6 maintenance methods for LED liquid crystal display

LCD panels are highly popular right now. While many homeowners have immediate LCD screens, some continue to utilize outdated black and white TVs. Modern LCD screens are beautiful, but you are aware of improved maintenance practices. For each model, maintenance procedures will undoubtedly differ.

The Ultimate LCD Guide: A Closer Look at Liquid Crystal Displays

Welcome to The Ultimate LCD Guide: A Closer Look at Liquid Crystal Displays! In this comprehensive article, we will explore everything you need to know about LCDs, from their working principles to their applications and future advancements. Join us on this journey as we uncover the fascinating world

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LCD liquid crystal display – principle

Basic concept The common screen in life is called LCD (Liquid crystal display) LCD display has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, large amount of information and no eye damage, so it has become the mainstream electronic display device in life.A liquid crystal is a special substance

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The causes and solutions of 4.82 Inch 480×1120 LCD Touch Screen malfunction

In today's digital era, LCD touch screens have become an integral part of our lives. From smartphones to tablets, these screens provide us with a seamless user experience. However, like any other technology, LCD touch screens can sometimes malfunction. In this article, we will explore the causes and

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