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The Consistency of LCD Displays and the Criteria for Their Selection

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The Consistency of LCD Displays and the Criteria for Their Selection

1. How much do you know about the LCD screen's uniformity?

An essential criterion for assessing the LCD display's quality is how uniformly bright it is. If the uniformity is poor, it indicates that the LCD display's backlight light source is poorly designed and prone to light leakage.

A decent consistency is therefore necessary for a high-quality display screen. The homogeneity of the liquid crystal display panel will then be discussed by Leadtek Display in more detail.

When reflected on the LCD display screen, the LCD screen's uneven brightness will result in a significant variation in brightness and blackness on the screen. When adjusting to this variation in brightness and darkness, our eyes expend more energy than usual, therefore we employ a different brightness. With a homogeneous LCD panel, eyes are particularly prone to tiredness.

The formula for determining the average brightness distribution of a surface light source's uniformity is as follows: uniformity (data) = minimum brightness – maximum brightness – 100%.

Customer criteria are increased by 5% for general internal inspections. In order to determine the uniformity of the LCD, small and medium-sized LCD screens typically measure the brightness of 9 points and divide the measured minimum value by the observed maximum value. The constancy of LCD image quality is improved with higher uniformity. The picture's brightness consistency improves as the uniformity increases; 100% is the ideal level.

For a very long time, there has been more supply than demand for LCD displays. The production cost is being tightly controlled by LCD Display Co., Ltd. in the face of an intensifying price war on the market. To cut expenses, some manufacturers even begin to streamline the production process.

2. What factors need to be taken into account when buying LCD screens?

Do you know the factors that should be taken into account when buying an LCD display, given that there are more and more devices in everyday life that use them? You will receive a thorough introduction in the paragraphs that follow, allowing you to make better informed decisions when buying LCD screens. more hold.

Consider the mechanical aspects first. Some LCD panels are utilized in a good, stable environment whereas others are used in a challenging environment, depending on where a product is employed.

Therefore, you should take mechanical features into account when selecting a dot-matrix LCD display for a new product. Choose a display with good anti-vibration, corrosion resistance, and antistatic capabilities if you want to use it in a harsh environment.

Reconsider the backlight control. As we have already established, the LCD screen's backlight is crucial. The user won't be able to clearly see the content of the dot matrix LCD panel if the backlight control is poor.

Businesses must take backlight control needs into account when integrating dot-matrix LCD panels into new products. For battery-powered items, use a display screen with individual backlight control as soon as possible, for instance.

Last but not least, think about the price: only by effectively managing the cost can the new product's price be more fair, and the LCD Display Co., Ltd. can also realize a more attractive profit from the sales of the new product.

As a result, when selecting a dot-matrix LCD display for a new product, you should also take into account your budget and attempt to choose a less expensive model that has the same quality and functionality.

Businesses should choose a dot-matrix LCD display for a new product that is ideal for them in order to offer it a competitive edge. This means they shouldn't just select a high-quality display that is long-lasting.

In addition, it's important to think about the dot-matrix liquid crystal display's pricing and lighting control specifications. The stylish is outfitted with a reasonably priced dot-matrix LCD display thanks to thorough filtering in many areas.




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