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2.4inch LCD Screen Display- Vertical Screen

Model: KLM2487990
Size: 2.4inch
Resolution: 240 * 320
AA area size: 36.72 * 48.96
Interface: 3SPI+RGB18bit
Application area: door video phone
Aspect ratio: 4:3
External dimensions: 42.72 * 60.26 * 2.45
Best viewing angle: 6 o'clock
Brightness: 290
Contrast: NA
Storage temperature: -30~80
Operating temperature: -20~70
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Resolution240 * 320
AA area size36.72 * 48.96
Application areadoor video phone
Aspect ratio4:3
External dimensions42.72 * 60.26 * 2.45
Best viewing angle6 o'clock
Storage temperature-30~80
Operating temperature-20~70

This 2.4-inch model is a very popular one in our company, with a wide range of applications in the industry (access control video intercom, handheld terminal, high-end mobile phone, home only, health and medical, facial recognition, video phone, walkie talkie, internet equipment). Our company is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in professional services, quality assurance, and fully independent research and development, production, and sales.

Comprehensive quality control:

1. Strictly inspect the packaging, appearance, size, and electrical function of all incoming materials to ensure that they meet the requirements before they can be stored.

2.IPOC controls product quality throughout the process, using professional testing fixtures and instruments for testing and inspection, ensuring that every step is executed according to standards

3. Conduct comprehensive environmental control inspections on finished products at multiple workstations to ensure compatibility and accuracy, and achieve delivery.

4. Constant temperature and humidity, 72 hour power on aging and other ORT reliability tests ensure product quality.

5. The finished product sampling strictly follows the AQL: MIL-STE-105E standard for batch by batch inspection, counting and sampling, to ensure that the product reaches the customer's qualification rate of over 99.8%.

Raw material selection:

Strictly inspect to ensure that the materials comply with regulations.

1. Choose glass from large factories such as BOE, AUO, INNOLUX, etc., with high clarity and a wide temperature range.

2. Adopting a backlit rubber frame and iron frame integrated design, it is a backlit material with low working voltage, high brightness, and stable performance.

3 Original imported driver chip, anti-static, strong anti-interference ability, strong driving display ability, fast communication speed, and stable performance.

4. High precision flexible FPC, glueless electrolytic copper, with strong acid resistance, oil resistance, moisture and mold resistance, and stable performance.

5. High quality PCB boards can easily cope with harsh environments such as high temperature exposure, acid and alkali oxidation resistance.

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