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5.5 Inch 1080x1920 IPS LCD Screen

Model: KTD-FHP55649ATTB-V0
Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF
Product Origin: China
Min Order: 1000
Shipping Port: Shenzhen
Lead Time: 3~5 weeks
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Item name

5.5” 1080*1920 IPS LCD screen

Item No.



1080*1920 dpi

Active area

127.19*70.04 mm



Interface type




Glass panel


Driver IC


Display mode


5.5” 1080*1920 IPS LCD screen

KTD-FHP55649ATTB-V0 is the LCD screen using amorphous silicon TFT (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. This screen has a 5.5 inch diagonally measured active area with resolutions (1080 horizontal by 1920 vertical pixel array). The brightness is 350 nits. The display area is 127.19*70.04mm with a MIPI interface. For this 5.5” 1080*1920 IPS LCD screen, the screen glass is from BOE or Panda, which is the best supplier in China. The whole panel is Light weight and thin. Our TFT IPS LCD screens are widely used in the following industries:

1.For Medical Equipment

B-ultrasound, anesthesia machine, laryngoscopic surgical in ICU,automatic injection equipment, gas station equipment and etc

2.For Industrial Control Equipment

equipment control panel,elevator,test instrument, energy storage equipment, car electricity charger, ATM, vending machine and etc.

3.For Smart Home

thermostat, HVAC,water dispenser, smart audio, soap dispenser, smart 8-6 houses and etc.

4.For Handheld Devices

POS, PDA, test meter, alcohol tester, logic device, and etc

5.For Automobile Equipment

GPS, car radio, car black box, agricultural tractor, forklift, E-bike, electrical motor cycle and etc

Support Custom

Customized LCD size & resolution (1”~15.6” available)
Customized interface and pins definition (MIPI, IPS, LVDS, RGB, UART, HDMI, SPI, etc)
Customized FPC shape and material

Our company have passed the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO13584 quality system certification and SGS, RoHS, CE certification, to ensure all of our products and services are in international standard.


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