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Reasons and solutions for LCD screen flashing

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Reasons and solutions for LCD screen flashing

What is the reason for the LCD screen flashing? What are the solutions to LCD screen flashing? Nowadays, LCD screens are widely used in various industries, but many people may notice a flickering screen during use, which is a very bad experience for users. So how should we solve the problem of LCD screen flashing?

Reasons for LCD screen flashing:

1. The frequency of the LCD screen itself is too high, resulting in flashing

However, in real life, it is rare for devices to flash due to excessive frequency. According to industry technicians, people's naked eyes do not have a flickering sensation for images exceeding 60Hz. The design standards for general LCD screens are basically within this data range. So under normal circumstances, there will not be situations where the frequency is too high, but at the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the screen itself has malfunctioned. After being tested by relevant instruments, it is confirmed that the screen itself is malfunctioning. In addition to replacing the LCD screen with a new one, it is necessary to design the software related to the device.

Solution for LCD screen flashing:

The best method is to increase the OSC frequency of the IC and check the flashing status of the LCD screen. Of course, if the LCD screen is driven separately, it can also be adjusted by adjusting the settings of the driver chip.

2. The frequency of the LCD screen is similar to that of the light source, resulting in flickering. This situation is very common. However, due to the different frequencies of different light sources, it is also common for LCD screens to flicker when the frequency is similar to that of artificial light sources in a specific situation.




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