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Do you know anything about TFT?

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Do you know anything about TFT?

TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor

is atechnology for liquid crystal display including two layer of lcd substrates two lavers of
polarizer,andTO technology. Used in active-matrix LCD screens, it is smarter than monochrome LCD displays and traditional

Types of TFT Displays

There are different characteristics for different TFT displays made by distinct methods, of which the most classic types are
TN and IPS
Twisted Nematic (TN) panels contain liquid crystals that twist as an electric current is applied. As the crystals twist, they allow
varying amounts of polarized light to pass through. TN panels are the easiest type of TFTLCD to produce and offer the quickest
response times. The iN display is also called the 12 o’clock display, and normally white people can see clearly from the side directions.
and colors are not as accurate as on other types of displays.
IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels contain liquid crystals that don't twist but instead reorient themselves while remaining parallel to
their original planar position. As the crystals realign,they allow varying amounts of polarized light through. IPS displays are also
called the "all o'clock display and is normally black. more popular Amona customers. especially for outdoor products. Meanwhile. It
is more expensive to produce than TN panels. require more power to operate and have slower response times. However,they
are more accurate at color reproduction, even when viewed at an angle.
TFT LCD displays are largely used in automotive displays,medical devices,handheld devices, consumer electronics, laptops, and




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