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LCD response time related knowledge

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 LCD response time related knowledge

LCD display has too many parameters; maybe our ordinary consumers who buy an electronic product with a LC display will not pay too much attention to these parameters, but for the terminal product research and development manufacturers, when they purchase a LC display, they will certainly study these parameters. So today, Followings will give you a simple talk about the LCD display response time.

LCD screen response time The so-called black and white response time is the speed at which each pixel of the LCD responds to the input signal, that is, the time required for the pixel to turn from dark to bright or from bright to dark (the principle is to apply voltage to the liquid crystal molecule so that the liquid crystal molecule undergoes torsion and recovery). Often said to be 25 ms, 16 ms refers to this response time; the shorter the response time, the less users will have the feeling of tail shadow dragging when watching the dynamic picture. Generally, the black-and-white response time is divided into rise time and fall time. The value is the sum of the two.

The response time of LCD screens has been reduced from the early 25 ms to the well-known 16 ms and then to 12 ms or even 8 ms recently. The old concept that LCD screens are not suitable for entertainment is being challenged. A simple conversion can be made: 30 ms = 1/0.030 = 33 frames per second; 25 ms = 1/0.025 = 40 frames per second; 16 ms = 1/0.016 = 63 frames per second; and 12 milliseconds = 1/0.012 = 83 frames per second. It can be seen that the birth of 12 ms represents great progress in LCD display manufacturing.

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