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5 technical features of TFT liquid crystal display

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5 technical features of TFT liquid crystal display

TFT LCD display screens have advantages such as good brightness, high contrast, a clear hierarchy, and vibrant colors, but they also have drawbacks such as relatively high power consumption and high price. Mobile phone color screens are much more advanced thanks to TFT liquid crystal technology. A large number of the most recent color-screen mobile phones offer 65,536 colors, and some even support 160,000 colors. At this time, the TFT's high contrast ratio and the benefits of its vibrant colors are crucial.

In the 1990s, TFT technology was created. The foundation of liquid crystal, inorganic, and organic thin film electroluminescent flat panel displays is a large-scale semiconductor complete integrated circuit manufacturing technique using novel materials and new procedures. TFTs are created on non-single wafers like glass or plastic substrates (of course on wafers) using sputtering and chemical deposition procedures to create various films required for creating circuits. By treating the films, large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits are created.

1. A strong TFT LCD display

To enhance the light valve properties of liquid crystal, TFT was first applied as a matrix addressing circuit. Voltage regulation in the 0–6V range for high-resolution displays allows for fine control of object elements, allowing LCDs to produce high-quality, high-resolution displays. The first flat panel display in human history that offers a display quality superior to CRT is a TFT liquid crystal display. The function of the entire TFT will be more powerful once the driver IC has been integrated onto the glass substrate, surpassing that of conventional, massive semiconductor integrated circuits.

2. TFT LCD display screen is inexpensive

Large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits' cost issue is substantially resolved by glass and plastic substrates, which also broaden the scope of applications for these devices.

3. The technology of TFT LCD screens is adaptable

Sputtering, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), molecular chemical vapor deposition (MCVD), and other conventional procedures for film creation are still in use, but laser annealing technology has started to be used as well. This method can create amorphous films, polycrystalline films, and single crystal films. Other II-VI and III-V semiconductor thin films can be produced in addition to silicon films.

4. There are many uses for TFT LCD display screens

The TFT-based liquid crystal display is the cornerstone of the information society. The technology can also be used for the thin film transistor, which is expanding quickly, and the organic electroluminescent flat panel display, which is also expanding quickly.

5. The environmental protection features of TFT LCD displays are good

There is no radiation, no flicker, and no health harm to the user. The development of TFT liquid crystal display electronic books in particular will usher humanity into the era of the paperless office and paperless printing, bringing about a transformation in the way people learn, share knowledge, and preserve civilisation.




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