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What's an IPS screen called?

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What's an IPS screen called?

IPS screens are also known as TFT screens.

Professional, or IPS, is the abbreviation of English in-plane switching,  meaning plane switching hard screen technology. It is currently the world's most advanced LCD panel technology and has been widely used in LCD display and mobile phone screen display panels. LG Display of South Korea is the largest and most technologically advanced company to have this technology in mass production. LG Display's 7.5-generation production line was mass-produced in January 2006, with a monthly capacity of 150K. The cutting technology is mature, and the yield is high, reaching 95%. A hard screen is a film with a layer of resin attached to the surface, just like people wear glasses.
IPS screens are high-end LCD panels with a high viewing angle, fast response speed, and accurate color restoration. Simultaneous phase
ECPVA panel, the use of an IPS screen LCD TV, and dynamic clarity can reach 780 lines.
In terms of static resolution, it can still achieve high definition according to the HD standard of 720 lines. The panel technology enhances the motion of LCD TVs.
State display effect: when watching sports events, action movies, and other sports speed programs, you can get better picture quality.

Extended data

When the IPS screen shows black, the liquid crystal molecules twist horizontally, so the human eye always sees liquid no matter which way it twists.
The long axis of the crystal and the liquid crystal molecules that twist vertically in the TN screen cause the light to come out perpendicular to the screen, so it only
It works best when the eye is directly facing the screen, while it will skew significantly when viewed diagonally.
Because of the excellent performance of IPS technology, many manufacturers began to use a large number of hard screens and vigorously promote IPS hard screen technology for consumers.
Higher clarity and performance on an LCD TV. Hard-screen LCD TVs have become the mainstream product of the color TV industry.




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