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What are the characteristics of electronic intelligent LCD bar screen?

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What are the characteristics of electronic intelligent LCD bar screen?

What are the features of the smart LCD bar screen? With the development of society, intelligence and digitization have entered our lives. Smart homes, smart appliances, smart buses, smart equipment, and other fields have been applied to life, bringing a lot of convenience so that people can really enjoy life. So what are the features of smart LCD bars? Next, let me explain in detail:

First,high reliability and good stability

The high-brightness liquid crystal substrate of the intelligent liquid crystal bar screen is processed by unique technology. The general TV screen has the characteristics of an industrial LCD screen: high reliability, good stability, and being suitable for working in harsh environments.

Second,high efficiency and energy savings; long service life

Intelligent LCD strip screens adopt an imported aluminum substrate, whose heat absorption and heat dissipation abilities greatly reduce the light attenuation of LED lights. The backlight heat has little influence on the liquid crystal substrate, so as to achieve the effects of energy saving, long life, effective energy saving, and thinner product volume.

Third,the effect of intelligent regulation is good

Intelligent LCD strip screen intelligent photosensitive controller, according to the surrounding environment, automatically adjusts the screen brightness so that the screen image achieves the best visual effect, but also energy savings and product components with a very low degree of aging.

Fourth, ultra-high dynamic contrast

Smart LCD bar screens have ultra-high contrast, a color display that is more and more convex, more three-dimensional, and beautiful visual effects. At the moment of hyperecho, common black field penetration and backlight scanning techniques enhance the visual presentation under the motion picture.

Fiveth,excellent wide-temperature works

Smart LCD bar screen can meet the high temperature image display quickly open and clear requirements, in natural temperature all weather work, very suitable for outdoor display.

Sixth, smart LCD bar screens are widely used.

Because of their high performance, low use cost, strong environmental adaptability, convenient installation, and ease of maintenance, intelligent strip screens are widely used in public transport, subways, airports, security monitoring, smart homes, multifunctional exhibition halls, entertainment venues, restaurants, communication exhibitions, brand trade fairs, TV stations, enterprise exhibition halls, etc.




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