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What are the advantages of LCD liquid crystal display module

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What are the advantages of LCD liquid crystal display module


What are the advantages of an LCD display module screen? As the latest, most ideal, and most high-end display equipment, LCD splicing screens have been widely recognized for their excellent performance. The LCD splicing screen adopts the LCD screen as the splicing unit, overcomes the shortcomings of DLP and PDP curtain walls, and provides a flexible LCD splicing curtain wall with different performance. The following share the advantages of LCD splicing screens: nine summary

 1.the LCD splicing screen has a long life without failure and a low maintenance cost.

Liquid crystal is the most stable and adjustable display equipment at present. Due to the small amount of output, the device is very stable and will not cause failure due to the excessive temperature rise of components.

 2. LCD splicing screens with high resolution and a bright surface

Liquid crystal point distance is much smaller than plasma, physical resolution can easily reach and exceed high definition, liquid crystal brightness and contrast are very high, in bright color, pure plane display completely without curvature, and winter image stability without flicker.

3.the LCD splicing screen's visual angle is large.

For early liquid crystal products, the visual angle used to be a big problem restricting liquid crystal, but with the continuous progress of liquid crystal technology, this problem has been completely solved. The DID LCD screen used in the LCD splicing curtain wall can have an angle of view of more than 178 degrees, which has reached the absolute angle of view.

4.low power consumption and low calorific value.

Liquid crystal display equipment, small power, and low fever have been praised by people. The small LCD screen's power is no more than 351,40 inches; its power is only about 150, about a third to a quarter of the plasma.

5.LCD splicing screen, long life, low maintenance cost.

LCD is the longest service life of the display equipment; its own life is very long; even the shortest life of the backlight part is up to 50000 hours more than, and even if the use of more than such a long time, it will only affect the brightness; just replace the backlight LCD splicing screen with only 6.7nm stitching, At present, the ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing of a 55-inch "LED backlight is only 5.5mm, which is the most advanced LCD splicing at present.

6.LCD splicing screens are ultra-thin and lightweight.

Liquid crystal has a thin thickness and light weight characteristics and can be easily spliced and installed. The 40-inch special LCD screen weighs only 12.5 kg and is less than 10cm thick, which is incomparable to other display devices.

7.low failure rate.

Liquid crystal is the most stable and reliable display equipment at present because the heat is very small, the device is very stable, it has high temperature resistance, a stable cooling system, and other excellent characteristics.

8. Openness and expansibility of the system

The ultra-narrow-edge intelligent LCD splicing system of the digital network follows the principle of an open system. In addition to having direct access to VGA, RGB, and video signals, the system should also be able to access network signals, broadband voice, etc. It can switch all kinds of signals at any time and dynamically integrate them, providing users with an interactive platform and supporting secondary development. The system should have the ability to add new devices and new features, making hardware expansion very easy. At the same time, the software only needs to be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements without modifying the source program. The hardware and software parts of the system can be easily "updated".

9. System reliability

The splicing unit used in the DID LCD splicing wall adopts an industrial-grade Samsung DID LCD special screen. The splicing unit can work continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The splicing unit has the characteristics of high reliability and stability to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. Due to its low power consumption, light weight, long life, lack of radiation, and so on, the reliability of liquid crystal splicing walls is very high.




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