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How to improve the quality of LCD display module?

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 How to improve the quality of LCD display module?


At present, LCD screens all use better color filters. Color filters are the key components of LCD flat display color, which accounts for a high proportion of production costs. The LCD panel can produce color changes, mainly from the color filter. The so-called LCD panel is driven by the voltage change driving IC so that the liquid crystal molecules stand in line so as to display the picture. The picture itself is black and white, but through the filter it can become a color pattern. So how do we improve the quality of the LCD display module?

1.Improve the LCD panel technology

A pixel is a tiny unit of display on a screen. The more pixels, the sharper the picture. Point spacing is the distance between the centers of two pixels. The smaller the point spacing, the finer the picture quality. Under the condition that the LCD display size and pixel are fixed, through the improvement of the display technology, the arrangement of LCD molecules is changed, the grid between pixels is reduced, and the "grid" in the middle of the screen that cannot transmit light is greatly narrowed from the original to one tenth, which greatly realizes "seamless light transmission", and the screen has a high transmittance, which can effectively improve the contrast, brightness, and color, so as to improve the display picture quality. However, because the three primary colors produced by the LCD are derived from the filter, the filter absorbs some of the energy of the light. So in the middle, increasing light transmittance to improve chroma is only one of the more effective ways.

2.Improve the back light source.

The LCD display module (LCD) itself cannot emit light; it depends on the modulation of external light to achieve the purpose of the display. Most of the existing LCD is transmission type, and the backlight source is an indispensable part of it. Now use more CCFL backlight technology, LED backlight technology, OLED technology, EL technology, and so on. There are a number of new backlights under development. All of these technologies can improve the color restoration capability of the display and expand the color gamut, but the technology needs to be improved to achieve a wider color gamut and better color restoration capability.

The overall adjustment and improvement of brightness, contrast, and color recovery capability of the display are carried out. Firstly, gamma correction and preprocessing are carried out on the input RGB to convert it into a YUV signal. Then, local color control is carried out on the UV color domain, and skin color and nature are adjusted to maximize the approximation of true color. But you have to adjust the brightness, contrast, and so on, so that you can show the perfect color on the display module.




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