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Detailed Description of TFT LCD Transportation and Preservation Procedures

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Detailed Description of TFT LCD Transportation and Preservation Procedures

More and more terminal companies are using TFT displays as display devices for terminal products as interconnection technology advances. Do you know how to transport and store a TFT LCD display after purchasing one?

1. TFT LCD screens shouldn't vibrate when being transported.

When the TFT display leaves the factory, qualified manufacturers will conduct vibration tests, however they should endeavor to minimize strong vibrations during delivery or installation.

Our TFT LCD panel is an LCD item that is liquid, not solid. In general, problems could exist if the liquid crystal arrangement is damaged during vibration. You can try to manage it carefully as a result. Use the original packing if you need to transport it.

2.When storing a TFT LCD screen, pay attention to moisture-proof.

Never introduce moisture to the TFT display. When the humidity is too high, condensation may form inside the TFT display, which can easily result in leakage, short circuiting, and in severe situations, even burning of the TFT display.

The TFT display screen can now be placed in a warm, dry location to prevent the TFT liquid crystal display screen from becoming wet and losing its ability to display properly.

3. The ideal time to install a TFT LCD screen.

The TFT LCD screen should ideally be installed on the machine after passing the inspection because all parts have an expiration date and if it is stored for an excessively long period of time, the TFT display screen will appear odd.

Such as aging, backlight fading, and even display incapability. In order to prevent missing the ideal installation chance, strive to finish the LCD screen installation within 3 months.

4. The distinctions between parallel port screens and serial port screens for TFT LCD displays

Pins used for connection: A TFT parallel screen requires several wires to connect, whereas a TFT serial screen simply needs two wires to function.

Programmable: The majority of commercially available serial ports are intelligent, include configurable features, and are incredibly easy to use. In comparison, the parallel port screen uses 90% less power than the serial port screen, and even many TFT LCD serial port screens may be controlled without a microcontroller. If the parallel port is utilized, the software is highly complex.

Interface: Special software is used for the serial screen's interface. Interface for immediate download is straightforward.

Serial port benefits

Although the performance of the single-chip microcomputer system is not particularly good, it uses the protocol to control the content of the liquid crystal display. Since the operation of menu, text, dynamic curve, and picture can be realized only by writing the serial communication program of TFT LCD screen, the requirements for R&D personnel are low, and the development cycle is much faster, it can be said that it is a recommended choice for those who are eager to produce products quickly or for beginners; general 8-bit computers can even easily control true color 10.4-inch and 8.4-inch LCDs;

It is easier to edit the general software or correct it to finish the update process if the LCD terminal has a serial port; this is because serial port drivers have excellent anti-interference capabilities and typically work well in power and cars.

Benefits of parallel ports

In general, it is now a small board that can be incorporated in the system of the user, and the video memory can be operated directly and operates at a quicker rate than the serial port of the TFT LCD screen.

Simple function and little cost.




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