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  • 2024-04-08

    TFT Display vs Super AMOLED:which is Better?
    In the ever-evolving world of technology, the battle between display technologies is fierce, with each contender vying for supremacy in clarity, color reproduction, and power efficiency. Two prominent players in this arena are TFT (Thin Film Transistor) displays and Super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organ
  • 2023-07-20

    Air Traffic Control using Tough LCD Displays
    In contemporary aviation, air traffic management guarantees safe and effective flight. LCD monitors are used by air traffic controllers to monitor an aircraft's position and motion. But in air traffic control, extreme heat and vibration can put a strain on common LCD panels, leading to failures and
  • 2023-07-17

    The manufacturing process for the TFT LCD display
    These days, screens are everywhere. Do you still recall the televisions and computer monitors from two decades ago? They were enormous, hefty, and quadrate. Have you ever questioned why there is such a significant contrast between the round, thick screen and the flat, thin, and light one in front of
  • 2023-06-26

    Detailed Description of TFT LCD Transportation and Preservation Procedures
    Detailed Description of TFT Liquid Crystal Display Transportation and Preservation Procedures More and more terminal companies are using TFT displays as display devices for terminal products as interconnection technology advances. Do you know how to transport and store a TFT LCD display after purcha
  • 2023-06-21

    What steps are involved in making a TFT LCD display?
    What steps are involved in making a TFT LCD display?TFT LCDs can be broken down into three simple sections, from bottom to top: the light system, the circuit system, and the light and color management system.Starting with the internal light and color control system, the production process will then
  • 2023-06-14

    The TFT LCD screen's technical and functional characteristics
    Each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is powered by a thin film transistor integrated beneath it, allowing for high-speed, high-brightness, and high-contrast information presentation. This is referred to as a TFT liquid crystal screen. Technical details of a TFT LCD display: The 19
  • 2023-06-12

    Learn about TFT from these three perspectives
    Learn about TFT from these three perspectives1. What is TFT in a display? A liquid crystal display (LCD) that employs thin-film transistor technology to improve picture quality and reaction time is referred to as a TFT display, sometimes known as a thin-film transistor display. The TFT display modul




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