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Air Traffic Control using Tough LCD Displays

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Air Traffic Control using Tough LCD Displays

In contemporary aviation, air traffic management guarantees safe and effective flight. LCD monitors are used by air traffic controllers to monitor an aircraft's position and motion. But in air traffic control, extreme heat and vibration can put a strain on common LCD panels, leading to failures and downtime.

Rugged LCD displays are needed for air traffic control to endure extreme conditions. We shall examine the key characteristics of military LCD screens and their significance for air traffic control in this post.

LCD screens for air traffic controllers

Industrial display monitors are necessary for air traffic controllers to track aircraft in real-time. On these large, high-resolution monitors, controllers can see specific information. The following are some significant LCD air traffic control display features:




Having several touch points

The Need for Rugged LCD Displays by Air Traffic Controllers

Must Be Closely Monitored

Given their demanding job, air traffic controllers need LCD panels that can withstand repeated drops to the ground. Air traffic controllers can view information from multiple sources on a sturdy LCD display. The LCD technology also makes the display simple to view and robust enough to withstand bumps and shocks in the workplace.

Provides Exceptional Readability and Visibility for Operators

Air traffic control, where light levels might vary and multiple angles need to be visible, is a good application for industrial displays with high brightness and wide viewing angles.

Rugged Touchscreen Displays

For a variety of reasons, air traffic controllers may require robust LCD displays with touchscreen functionality. First, in a hectic working environment, touchscreen displays can assist controllers with data input and decision-making. Second, interactive touchscreens enable users to obtain and manage information in novel and perhaps more effective ways.

Readability in the sun

Reading displays is challenging since air traffic controllers sometimes operate outside control towers or in large windows. By presenting clear, readable information in bright light, a sturdy LCD display with sunlight readability can solve these issues.

Protection Against Dust and Liquid Ingress

Controllers usually work around sensitive electronic equipment, which is at risk from dust, grit, and other airborne particles. For continued proper and dependable operation, a robust LCD display that protects the equipment from dust and liquid penetration is essential.

Durable and shock-absorbing

The equipment can be protected from these potential sources of harm by using a tough LCD display built to withstand shock and vibration. This will guarantee that the equipment continues to operate correctly and dependably.

Features for Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare

Rugged LCD panels with these characteristics occasionally have special coatings to prevent glare and reflections, which is useful in an air traffic control center where light levels vary and a clear view from several angles is required.


In outdoor control towers where their equipment is subjected to sleet, rain, and freezing conditions, air traffic controllers are employed. The device can be shielded from these potential hazards with the use of a waterproof, robust touchscreen, ensuring that it continues to function effectively and dependably even during severe weather.




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