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Capacitive touch screen precautions and frequently asked questions

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Capacitive touch screen precautions and frequently asked questions

Notes and FAQ editor broadcast

1. If the user is using a capacitive touch screen, it is recommended that the user first install the driver according to the relevant instructions for the first time, and then click the screen "Start" or "Program" or "Microtouch Touchware" to run the screen calibration program. After the completion of the calibration, the system will automatically store the calibrated data in the register of the controller, then restart the system, and there will be no need to calibrate the screen.
2. If the capacitance touches in the middle When touching the screen, the display resolution or display mode of the touch screen is changed again, or the refresh frequency of the touch screen controller is adjusted by itself, and when the cursor and the touch point do not correspond, the calibration operation of the touch screen system must be conducted again.
3. In order to ensure the normal work of the touch screen system, in addition to ensuring the correct installation of the system software, we must also remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on a host, which will easily lead to conflicts when the system runs, so that the touch screen system cannot be used normally.
4. When using the resistive touch screen, if the cursor is not found, When moving or only moving in a local area, the user can check whether the touch area of the touch screen is always pressed by other touch objects. For example, once the touch screen is pressed by the display shell or cabinet shell, it is equivalent to a point being touched all the time, so the coordinate position feedback to the controller is not accurate.
5. As mentioned above, once the system is in the replacement of display resolution, adjust the screen size, and the first installation there will be a click not allowed or drift, you need to start the application positioning program repositioning, but in positioning, it is better to use a fine pen or fingertip for positioning, so it is more accurate. 6. The surface of the acoustic touch screen working environment requirement is higher; it must be required to work in a clean, no dust pollution environment, but also regularly clean the dust on the touch screen surface; otherwise, the dust in the air covered around the touch screen reflection stripes or transducer will affect the correct positioning of the system.
7. Do not let the touch screen surface of the water droplets or other soft things stick to the surface; otherwise, the touch screen is easy to mistake for the surface acoustic screen, which is not accurate. In addition, when removing the dirt from the surface of the touch screen, the user can carefully wipe it out from the center of the screen with a soft, dry cloth or detergent. Wipe or dip a dry, soft cloth with industrial alcohol or glass cleaning solution.
8. If the hand or other touch touches the surface of the touch screen and the touch screen reaction is very slow, it is likely that the touch screen system is old, the internal clock frequency is too low, or the touch screen surface is moving. To make the touch screen restore rapid response, one must replace or upgrade the system or wipe the cloth on the surface of the touch screen.
9. The touch screen generally uses the serial port for signal transmission, taking the signal from the PS/2 port, while the TPS screen directly takes power from the host power supply. If the indicator is not on, no signal is taken, and the PS/2 line on the control box may be broken. If the light is on but still does not flash, it means that the control box is broken, so the user must replace the control box. If the replacement of the control box is still not good, it is possible that the screen is pressed too tight and needs to be slightly loose around the screw. Because the touch screen is composed of special materials, it is not easy to damage. If the serial port is broken or disabled, it will cause the driver not to be installed because the serial port is automatically searched for when the driver is installed. Even if it can be installed, the mouse will not move or cannot be located. It is best not to use a serial port mouse to judge. The good or bad of the broken serial mouth may be the serial mouth 9 roots for them in different ways. If the screen is pressed or the ground wire is not connected, it fails to locate. If some areas cannot be clicked or are slow, it may be dust. You need to open the shell to remove the dust.
10. When touching a certain position of the capacitive touch screen with a finger, the touch screen does not respond, which is likely to be inaccurate for the touch bit, and of course the cursor cannot be positioned correctly. If the cabinet housing presses on the touch area, the user can increase the distance between the cabinet and the display screen a little bit if it is outside the display. The shell presses on the touch area, and the user can try to unscrew the display case a bit.




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