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Analysis And Solution Of The Yellow Display On Lcd Screen

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Analysis And Solution Of The Yellow Display On Lcd Screen

A customer informed me not too long ago that their product displays a yellow screen, which is in agreement with the consultation that I had with them on the matter. I had with them on the subject. They were able to accomplish this by sending us photographs that demonstrate the issue with the screen displaying a light yellow hue when it should be displaying white. You may see an example of such a photograph further down. LCD panels do, in fact, get yellow with age; however, contrary to what the vast majority of people assume, the LCD screen itself does not generate light; rather, light is generated by an LED backlight that is situated behind the screen. Why does the LCD display suddenly become yellow, and what steps may be taken to prevent this issue in the future? In order to find a solution to this problem, what are some of the several avenues that can be pursued?

1.Aging Problem Of Led Backlight Module.

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Backlights are essential for LCD displays because they enable the generation of visible light; yet, the lifespan of the backlight is often distinct from that of the screen itself. There is a risk that the backlight will be harmed if it is kept in the warehouse for an extended period of time because of the high humidity. It normally does not take longer than three months to produce LED backlight sets from the manufacturing line all the way to the point where they are incorporated into LCD modules. This span of time includes all steps along the production process. This takes into account the amount of time needed to actually make the sets. This accounts for the length of time it takes to transport the components from the line of production to the site where they will be assembLED once they have been produced. There is a direct association between the length of time that has passed and the probability that the LCD screen will turn yellow as a result of the passage of time. This is caused by the passage of time. As a direct result of this, it is an unquestionable prerequisite that the amount of time that elapses between the manufacturing process and the installation of the LED backlight be reduced as much as possible.

2.The Color Temperature Value Of The LED Backlight Is Attenuated.

LCD displays have a limited lifespan, however this does not mean that the screen cannot be displayed at any given time. Rather, the effect of the display gradually loses its potency as more time passes by. This is because the colour temperature value of the backlight LED light will decline as the service life of the light increases. In addition, the light will degrade by a certain amount each year. Both of these factors contributed to this result. This is due to the fact that the LED light will lose some of its effectiveness over the course of time, which is the reason why this is the case. This is because, as time passes, the value of the colour temperature will drop, which is why this condition is there and why this is the reason why this is the situation. This is also the reason why this is the reason why this is the condition that exists. If the colour temperature value of the LED light falls below a certain threshold, there is a chance that the display will take on a yellowish hue. However, this does not necessarily mean that the display will take on a yellowish hue; it is just a possibility. There is a possibility that the display will take on a yellowish tint if the colour temperature value of the LED light goes below the threshold.

3.Local Yellowing Of The LCD Screen Itself.

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It is quite likely that the uneven colouring of the liquid crystal display (LCD) module itself is the primary cause of this problem. We are in a position to establish whether or not the chromaticity uniformity of the LCD module falls within the permissible parameters thanks to the specialised testing equipment that we have at our disposal. If it does, then the LCD module is considered to have successfully passed the test. As a direct consequence of this, the configuration of the LED backlight module is not obligatory any longer.

It is abundantly clear that the problem with the LED backlight module is mostly responsible for the yellowing that can be seen on the screen. This is because the problem has been going on for quite some time. As a consequence of this, it is required to assess two distinct scenarios in order to choose the solution that will be most effective in resolving this problem. When the display is utilised for an extended amount of time, the value of the LED light's colour temperature will decrease, which will also cause the LED backlight module to age prematurely. In the following paragraph, we will go into additional detail regarding this topic. Therefore, the only solution to the problem where the display becomes yellow is to replace the old backlight module with a brand new one. This is the only method that has been proven to work. In the second scenario, if the screen that was recently manufactured and assembLED is exhibiting signs of yellowing, we will first need to conduct an investigation into the compositional structure of the LED backlight module (as depicted in the image that is presented below). We are able to achieve the adjustment and debugging of the backlight module by modifying the angle of the light guidance plate as well as the angle at which the reflection film cutting angle is positioned. The light guide plate was responsible for making this a reality. Because of this, we are now able to entirely get rid of the problem where the LCD screen display would occasionally become yellow.

These are some of the most common reasons why the display on an LCD screen becomes yellow, as well as some potential solutions to the problem; I hope that this knowLEDge is of some value to everyone.




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