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The use of TFT liquid crystal display in medical devices

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The use of TFT liquid crystal display in medical devices

Engineers and decision-makers need to have a thorough grasp of how TFT LCD display characteristics impact finished goods in order to select the best TFT LCD display for a medical application. And it's crucial to understand how a display varies from an LCD used in industry or for consumer use.

Medical Device & TFT LCD

A medical gadget with a display in the past was often large and featured a lot of knobs and buttons. Because it is more difficult to clean than a contemporary machine with a flat touch screen interface, a machine with buttons and knots makes for a suitable breeding environment for dangerous infections. In addition to making cleaning medical equipment easier, TFT LCD touch screens also free up a lot of front panel area for the display of critical medical data.

Hard Workplace Conditions

Extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, wetness, and varying levels of ambient illumination can all be applied to medical equipment. In order to preserve the display from the rigors of daily usage, it may be necessary to use a transparent protective cover or a very dependable TFT LCD screen.

While the performance of a standard LCD display is insufficient, a medical TFT supplier like Kelai may add improvements like an optically bonded front panel with an anti-reflection coating and a transflective display that combines reflecting and transmissive qualities.

Medical Guidelines

The three main categories of medical TFT LCD applications are standard (such as a bedside monitor), life-support (such as a glucose meter), and life-critical (such as a ventilator). These applications' needs for usefulness, dependability, and MTBF (mean time between failure) are radically different. The European DIN and American Association of Physicists in Medicine acceptance test guidelines are largely acknowledged by the industry. Resolution, noise, viewing angle, glare, color uniformity, distortion, reflection, luminance responsiveness, and luminance uniformity are all areas where the two organizations have clearly established standards.

The qualification procedure for these standards is time-consuming and costly. Device makers need long-term LCD display availability and are unwilling to change a system that has been certified. The TFT LCD module's lifespan is guaranteed by Kelai. The lifespan of many color LCD displays is considerably more than ten years.

Medical Devices using Kelai TFT LCD

Breathing machines that use Kelai TFT LCD Ventilators are used in medical devices to maintain your lungs healthy. They cannot diagnose or resolve a health issue. However, they can assist you with your breathing when you're receiving treatment for or recuperating from a disease or health condition.

The purpose of a humidifier is to warm and add humidity to gases given to patients. It can deliver the ideal temperature and humidity for the increased comfort of the patients.

An infusion pump is a medical tool used to carefully provide fluids to patients. Infusion pumps come in a wide variety of designs and are employed in a wide range of settings and for a wide range of applications. Because they can give fluids at specific frequencies, quantities, and intervals, infusion pumps are superior than manual fluid administration pumps. A Kelai 2.8" color TFT LCD module is included into this gadget.

A life-saving tool called an ECG monitor measures the electrical activity of your heart to determine if it is functioning regularly or not. The 8" TFT LCD module was selected by our customer.

Medical device manufacturers recognize the need of obtaining their displays from reliable display producers like Kelai Technology because they have such an important role to play. For more than 20 years, the business has offered unique display solutions to businesses making medical equipment and drugs. Each and every Kelai medical TFT LCD module complies with the RoHS standard.




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