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The explanation of the technical terms about LCD LCD screen

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The explanation of the technical terms about LCD LCD screen

LCD Liquid Crystal Display. LCD Liquid crystal display

LCM Liquid Crystal Module. LCM Liquid Crystal Module

TN Twisted Nematic Twisted nematic. The twist orientation of the liquid crystal molecule is deflected by 90°

STN Super Twisted Nematic. STN super Twisted nematic. Twist nematic about 180~270°

FSTN Formulated Super Twisted Nematic. FSTN formulated super twisted nematic. A layer of optical path compensation is added to the STN for monochromatic display

TFT Thin Film Transistor. TFT thin film transistor

BL (Backlight) Backlight

TP (touchpanel) Touch screen

RTP Resistive Touch Panel RTP Resistive touch Panel

CTP Capacity Touch Panel Capacitive touch panel

POL (Polarizer) polarizer

ITO (Indium-Tin Oxide) conductive glass

FPC Flexible Printed Circui. FPC flexible printed circui

PCB Printed Circuit Board. PCB printed circuit board

ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film. Acf anisotropic conductive film

COB Chip On Board the IC is fixed to the printed circuit board by bunding

The COF Chip On the FPC fixes the IC on the flexible circuit board

COG Chip On Glass Cog chip on glass

FOG Flexible On Glass. Fog flexible on glass

LED Light Emitting Diode. Led light emitting diode

EL Electro Luminescence. El electro luminescence. The EL layer is composed of high molecular weight flakes

CCFL(CCFT) Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light/Tube. CCFL(CCFT) cold cathode fluorescent light/tube

CRT Cathode Radial Tube. CRT cathode radial tube

PDP Plasma Display Panel PDP Plasma Display Panel

VGA Video Graphic Array. VGA video graphic array




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