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LCD car LCD screen powerful functions and characteristics

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LCD car LCD screen powerful functions and characteristics

With the continuous development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for automobile configuration are constantly improving. Among them, the on-board LCD screen has become an indispensable car configuration. The function of the on-board display is very powerful, providing users with line navigation, vehicle condition information, road condition information, entertainment, and other functions while driving the car.
The following we LCD car LCD display function and characteristics to do some simple introduction.
The vast majority of car displays are TFT LCD screens. Due to the special use environment of the on-board display, compared with the ordinary LCD screen, the on-board display is generally required to be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-glare, visible in the sun, and resistant to high and low temperatures. For this reason, LCD vehicle LCD screens usually use LCD technologies such as wide temperature, anti-glare, highlighting, and capacitive touch.
Wide operating temperature: We use the on-board specifications of liquid crystal glass, with a widest use temperature of -40 + 85 °C and a widest storage temperature of up to -40 + 95 °C.
Anti-glare: If there is a cover lamination, we can carry out OCA optical lamination, which can effectively reduce the reflectivity of light. In addition, we can increase the AR optical coating technology (anti-reflection film). By using the destructive interference concept of light, the film frame can be attached to the glass surface, which can greatly improve the optical efficiency. For example, increasing the transmittance, improving the contrast ratio, and eliminating ghosting can effectively improve the ability of the LCD screen to display in sunlight.
High-brightness display: Because the driving environment of the car is in the sun, there are certain requirements for the brightness of the on-board display. The current mainstream on-board LCD screens are 1000 cd/m2 brightness TFT LCD screens.
Capacitive touch LCD screen: Nowadays, the configuration of cars is becoming more and more intelligent, and the LCD screen with touch function has become a trend. Large size and multi-touch control have become the requirements of most automobile consumers for the vehicle center control display. LCD vehicle touch screen adopts capacitive touch screen, which can meet the user's needs for a good experience, such as large size, anti-glare, and multi-touch control, and also meet the high reliability and durability of the vehicle gauge display standard.




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