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Car LCD screen selection scheme reference

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Car LCD screen selection scheme reference

1.Size selection:

It needs to be selected according to the size, space, positioning, and screen function of its car.

2.different models have different installations:

A. Long-distance passenger transport usually involves some form of manual turnover of products. Among them, there is a difference between front and back. Luxury buses generally use electric rollover products, which will make the entire interior luxurious.
B. The interior of a bus should always be installed in a fixed manner. When the bus is installed on the LCD screen, passengers are not allowed to fold or turn the LCD screen at will, so that it is always on display.
C There are many places for the screen in ordinary household cars, depending on how you determine the whole structure.

3. Select the screen according to the power supply voltage:

The voltage of the general gasoline engine model is 12 volts, and the voltage of the diesel engine model is 24 volts.When selecting the voltage, you need to select the specific voltage tolerance of the LCD screen. Generally, this type of 12V and 24V is shared.
The statement is not agreed upon, making it easy to cause failure. At present, the regular manufacturers of vehicle Q LCD screens use 12V or 24V partial voltage.

4. Selectivity of the LCD screen:

Everyone loves new auto LCD screens, but in the current market, there are too many refurbished screens, disrupting the competitiveness of the entire market and confusing the choices of some consumers.
General market decoration second-hand prices are very low, and product quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, the ability to identify old renovations is necessary.
A The general sizes of mainstream screens on the market today are 7 inches, 8.4 inches, 5.6 inches, 15 inches (43), 17 inches (43) and 19 inches (169 widescreen), if available in other sizes and
The price is very low, and we need to pay attention to the quality of the screen.
B. Pay special attention when the screen brightness is too low or too high. So far, the 15-inch range has been 250–400, the 17-inch range is 250–500, and the 19-inch range is
The brightness is usually between 300 and 550. If it's too low, it's an old screen; if it's too high, it's probably a refurbished screen. For now, it's no secret to add old screens and tubes. Some monochrome images
It can be played on old screens that have been modified with light tubes, and light leakage can be seen.
C View the interface on the screen. If the on-board LCDQ panels currently in the factory still have analog interfaces, there is no need to make a choice. Three years ago, the LVDS word interface became mainstream mouth.

5. Select the reverse screen:

Car LCD screens are limited by dry environmental conditions; the lower angle of view has special design requirements, so now the manufacturer has designed a reverse screen technology. How do I tell if this LCD screen can be reversed?
Just light up the product and contrast it up and down.

6. Explosion-proof treatment: 

the vehicle LCD screen needs to be used in public places to do a good job of protection. Safety first. So in the choice of time, we must choose explosion-proof treatment, especially in the relatively concentrated public.
Transferring to the car and passenger car, out of safety considerations, we must choose explosion-proof treatment.




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