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What is a touch panel?

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What is a touch panel?


For convenience, people use the touch screen to replace the mouse or keyboard. The touch screen is an intelligent device that can display and communicate with PLCs and also has memory and programming capabilities. We can display the running state of the PLC, production line speed, and so on through the touch screen.


To work, we must first touch the touch screen mounted on the front of the display with our fingers or other objects, and then the system will locate and select information input according to the icon or menu position touched by our fingers.

The main type of touch panel

According to the working principle of the touch screen and the transmission of information media: resistance type, infrared type, surface acoustic wave type, capacitance induction 

Resistive touch screen: The body part of the screen is a multi-composite film matching the surface of the display, made of a layer of glass or plexiglass as a base layer, coated with a transparent conductive layer on the surface.

It is then covered with a hardened, smooth, scratch-resistant plastic layer on the outside and a transparent conductive layer on the inside, separated by tiny (less than a thousandth of an inch) transparent isolation points.
Resistive touch screens are the key to material technology.
Type and use of resistive touch screens
Resistance touch screen is a completely isolated working environment from the outside world; it is not afraid of dust and water vapor; it can be used to touch any object; it can be used to write and draw; it is more suitable for the industrial control field and limited people in the office.
According to the number of outgoing lines, the resistance screen is divided into four lines, five lines, six lines, and other multi-wire resistance touch screens.
Surface acoustic touch screen:
The touch portion of the surface acoustic touch screen may be a flat, spherical, or cylindrical glass plate mounted in front of the CRT, LED, LCD, or isobaric display screen. The glass plate is pure reinforced glass, unlike other touch-screen technologies, without any film or overlay. The upper left corner and the lower right corner of the glass screen are fixed with vertical and horizontal ultrasonic transmitting transducers, and the upper right corner is fixed with two corresponding ultrasonic receiving transducers.
The four sides of the glass screen are carved with highly precise reflection stripes spaced from thin to dense at 45-degree angles.
Working principle: The transmitting transducer converts the electric signal sent by the controller through the touch screen cable into acoustic energy and transmits it to the left surface. Then, the group of precise reflecting stripes below the glass plate reflects the acoustic energy into an upward uniform surface and transmits it to the X-axis receiving transducer through the surface of the screen body. The receiving transducer converts the returned surface acoustic energy into an electrical signal.




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