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How To Make The Most Out Of Your OLED Screen?

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your OLED Screen?

OLED monitors, which can produce beautiful high-resolution images and videos, vibrant color accuracy, and quick response times, have many benefits for gamers, streamers, and creative professionals. However, what is the ideal way to maximize the performance of your OLED display while reducing the signs of screen burn-in?

That's the role that Kelali plays! We've included our best advice on how to make the most of your gaming monitor along with all the information you need to know about OLED screens and screen burn-in.

What Is An OLED Screen?

Rather than using conventional liquid crystal pixels, an OLED monitor uses OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) pixels. Because every pixel is self-illuminating, no additional backlight is required. Faster response speeds and more vibrant, brighter images and videos are made possible by this.

In addition, OLED displays are far thinner than conventional LCD monitors due to their lack of backlight. Additionally, the number of pixels is the same. There is no difference in pixel count between an OLED and an LCD monitor. On the other hand, an OLED does provide more accurate color reproduction and clearer, high-resolution images. It's all ideal for streamers, gamers, and artists.

Why Is A Gaming OLED Monitor Beneficial?

Whatever their preferred genre or style of gameplay, OLED monitors have a lot to offer gamers.

You can enjoy lifelike color fidelity, ultra-fast refresh rates and responsiveness, reduced latency, and sharp, high-resolution images with an OLED display. It all comes together to provide an incredible immersive gaming experience that lets you lose yourself in all of your favorite virtual worlds. This is further supported by the true blacks that can be produced by an OLED display. Your gameplay won't be hindered by hazy, unrealistic colors any longer.

Furthermore, an OLED monitor offers far greater viewing angles because it does not have an embedded backlight. You won't miss a moment because inadequate lighting won't block your view whether you sit directly in front of your screen or slightly to the left. Ideal for esports and fast-paced first-person shooter enthusiasts.


Benefits And Drawbacks Of An OLED Display


1. Detailed pictures

2. Improved angles of view

3. Accuracy of color true to real

4. Extremely quick reaction times

5. A thinner screen

6. Extended life: 28,000 hours for both green and red OLEDs


1. Screen burn-in reports

2. Frequently more expensive than conventional LCD monitors

What's Burn-In On A Screen?

Burn-in is the most frequent issue with OLED monitors. In addition to the slow deterioration of the pixels, screen burn-in is frequently brought on by leaving a static image on an OLED display for several hours at a time. An OLED pixel will appear dimmer next to a less used pixel the longer it is lighted.

Regardless of the channel or game you are playing, screen burn-in is easily identifiable as a visual mark or ghosting that is permanently fixed on your screen. Anything from a channel logo to an in-game user interface may be this.

There are a ton of integrated tools and tips available to help prevent burn-in and any long-term damage.

To find out what screen burn-in protection is included with your selected display, visit the manufacturer's website or any printed manuals that may have been included with your OLED monitor. Here are some cutting-edge safeguards that manufacturers have implemented to address the problem.


1. Cleaning Of Pixels:

Pixel Cleaning is an incorporated technology that adjusts for screen burn-in and other problems that may arise from leaving your display on for extended periods of time.

Pixel Cleaning usually takes a few minutes, and during that time, you won't be able to use your display.

2. Refresher Pixels:

Pixel Refresher periodically scans the pixels on your monitor to automatically detect any deterioration.Pixel Refreshers come in two varieties: automatic and manual.

Automatic depends on the state of your display. After either two thousand hours or four thousand hours of continuous use, Pixel Refresher will start on its own. Usually, a horizontal bar will scroll down the screen as Pixel Refresher scans your screen. This takes 1 hour to complete.

As an alternative, you can choose to manually launch Pixel Refresher. Either way, you have the option to take action when you see any indications of screen burn-in or when your display notifies you that it has been used for two thousand hours.

3. Shift In Screen:

The purpose of screen shift is to lessen the possibility of screen burn from fixed visuals. Screen Shift will automatically relocate the pixels in the static area of your display if it has been showing a fixed image for a long time in order to minimize any risk.

4. Screen Defense:

There may be an incorporated "Screen Protection" setting on certain OLED displays.

"Screen Protection" usually refers to a Pixel Shift technology that automatically shifts any pixels that are presented in order to prevent a constantly static image.

Our Best Advice For Making The Most Of Your OLED Display

You can maintain your OLED display and make sure you get the most out of your monitor by following a few easy steps in addition to the integrated burn in avoidance tools.

A selection of these suggestions are shown below.

1. Steer clear of playing video games or viewing movies with static graphics for extended periods of time.

2. Diminish the brightness of your monitor. Refrain from fully maximizing the brightness on your monitor. A high brightness level will accelerate the deterioration of pixels and increase the risk of screen burn-in.

3. Alter your screen's content on a regular basis.

4. Turn on a sleep timer or screen saver.

5.Avoid pausing your screen for a long amount of time.

6. Turn off your monitor if you plan to leave your computer for a short while. This stops needless utilization and lets the pixels cool down.

7. Choose to conceal the taskbar. Burn-in might result from using the static taskbar continuously for an extended amount of time.

8. Set your desktop's backdrop to True Black.

9. To guarantee you get the most recent preventative tools, make sure you update the firmware on a regular basis.

10. To find out if screen burn-in is covered, consult your manufacturer's guarantee.

Switch To An OLED Display!

In the end, creating, gaming, and streaming are all excellent uses for an OLED monitor. They have advantages and disadvantages like any other gaming display. Everything you decide upon is based on your personal tastes.

We have listed our top picks for OLED displays below if you're wanting to upgrade to an OLED monitor. If none of these OLED screens are suitable for your requirements, you can also click the button below to see the complete selection of OLED monitors.




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