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How Do I Select Between Custom And Standard LCD Modules?

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How Do I Select Between Custom And Standard LCD Modules?

Common Errors Regarding LCD

Before making your choice, make sure you are aware of these common myths regarding LCD.

  • Custom LCD Panels Are Expensive.

There is a prevalent misconception that the cost of custom display modules is more than the cost of conventional modules.

Although the aforementioned is accurate with regard to NRE expenses, it is not uncommon for the cost of a customised LCD module unit to be comparable to or even lower than the cost of a product that is comparable.

When it comes to the reason why: When it comes to providing as many different implementation possibilities as possible, standard display modules are frequently manufactured.It is possible that this will result in the following: 1. high pin counts, which will allow for a wide variety of interface protocols; 2. high output backlighting, which will optimise application options; and 3. mechanical design techniques that are generally conservative.

  • The Costs Of Custom Nres Are Too High.

We can provide a custom LCD with active area size and resolution or a custom backlight, mechanical housing, and electrical interface for a total NRE cost of less than USD 10,000 for the majority of Passive Matrix LCD modules. Similarly, for an NRE of less than USD 10,000, Createxplay may alter the mechanical interface, housing, and backlight of an Active Matrix LCD module.

In many situations, the small NRE needed—which customisation frequently permits—justifies the design flexibility.

However, given the minimum NRE needed for panel mask sets is approximately USD 100k, customising the Active Matrix LCD itself (size/resolution) can be prohibitively expensive for the majority of applications. Unless the nature of the business requires a TFT panel to be owned by the customer, or the project volumes, which vary in size, exceed 500k units annually. The most advantageous overall cost solution can often be found by combining a typical active matrix TFT cell with a specially-designed module and electrical interface.

  • Custom Module Design Lengthens Lead Time.

Another factor to take into account for a bespoke design is the lead time, which may be less than you anticipate. Designers find off-the-shelf LCD modules appealing due to their short lead time.

After receiving an initial request for quotes (RFQ), LCD manufacturers such as Createxplay can usually create bespoke housing for passive or active matrix LCDs with integrated capacitive touch sensor and interface in one to two weeks. Sample custom LCD modules can then be provided in 4-5 weeks.

In order to assess other design elements and complete qualifying work (such as software testing) before the custom display is available, Createxplay also gives its clients the choice to incorporate off-the-shelf modules as prototypes into their designs.

The extra time needed to sample custom LCD modules is more than justified for many implementers, who benefit from the design freedom and iterative optimisation that customization provides.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Benefits

4.5 Inch 480x854 LCD Display Module

The following is a list of the many benefits of liquid crystal displays:

1. The LCD can create big sizes up to 60 inches, or 150 cm, diagonally.

2. Geometric distortion is absent.

3. It has light CRT displays and is incredibly small and compact.

Magnetism does not have an impact on it.

5. Because of the low power consumption, very little heat is released during operation.

6. Compared to a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, it is substantially slimmer.

Personalised LCD  

Various liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are used in a broad variety of products in today's world, including watches, games, calculators, as well as industrial and medical applications. LCDs, in comparison to other display technologies, have the advantage of being able to easily adjust the content of the display in order to fulfil the specific requirements of an application. This is one of the most significant advantages of LCDs. On the bespoke LCD displays, particular information from the user interface that enhances the product's functioning and value can be displayed. This information can bring about improvements.

Digital digits, numeric values, ON/OFF, visual icons, messages, pie charts, bar graphs, symbols, and a variety of other information can be displayed on individualised liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The inventiveness of the product designer is the only thing that can limit the content that can be displayed on the LCD panel. When designing a bespoke LCD panel, it is important to take into consideration a number of different aspects.

Crucial Details For Creating Personalised LCD Panel

To generate a quote for a bespoke LCD panel, it is necessary to have the following information: the LCD panel, the driving mechanism, the connecting method, the viewing mode, the polarisers, the display modes, the working environment, the requirement for a backlight, and a keypad, if one is required. All of these details must be provided in order to generate a quote.

Benefits Of Personalised LCD

4.82 Inch 480×1120 LCD Touch Screenn

1. Static images from computer sources are displayed very well on custom LCD monitors, with complete colour detail and no screen burn-in.

2. Compared to other display technologies, LCDs often have more pixels per square inch.

3. Large amounts of data, such as those in an Excel spreadsheet, can be displayed on custom LCD monitors with remarkable clarity and accuracy.

4. A variety of sizes are available for custom LCDs.

5. They are unaffected by changes in the air pressure inside of aircraft.

6. Ghosting and screen burn-in are not common with custom LCD technology.

7. Compared to plasma TVs, custom LCD televisions use less electricity to run.

8. Because of the bright room light setting, LCD monitors are often preferable for public display, such as airport and retail store signs.

9. Transportable testing apparatus

10. Diagnostic apparatus

11. Gas, water, and electric metres

12. Telecom items

13. Measurement apparatus

14. Marine apparatus

15. Medical supplies

16. Vehicle information

Drawbacks With LCDs

1. The motion blur effect affects them.

2. The image quality of LCD televisions may suffer due to their high refresh rate.

3. As the backlight ages, LCD technology may experience subtle colour changes.

How Is Createxplay Of Use?

Createxplay is a manufacturer of a variety of devices, including capacitive touch screens and compact TFTs, which can have or not have integrated front cover lenses. In addition, the company is successful in the production of both conventional and bespoke LCD modules. Createxplay provides integrated display modules that may be purchased as off-the-shelf pieces of hardware. These modules can be purchased and installed anywhere. Display modules that are fully customised are constructed from the ground up in accordance with a particular set of customer specifications. This is in contrast to display modules that are semi-customized, which are adjusted for certain purposes.

Final Words

We are prepared to offer you a bespoke solution that is tailored to fit all of your individual requirements, regardless of the magnitude and breadth of your interactive application. Createxplay is ready to provide you with this solution. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about this.




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