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24 Inch Outdoor Ultra High Brightness LCD Display Screen

Brand Product: Huizhou Kelai
Product size: 24 inches
External dimensions: 546.6 * 352 * 11.7 mm
Resolution: 1920 * 1080
Display ratio: 16:9
Screen brightness: 1500 nit
Product power consumption: 55 W
Working temperature: 0 ° -50 °
Product price: negotiable
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Brand Product

Huizhou Kelai
Product size24 inches
External dimensions546.6 * 352 * 11.7 mm
Resolution1920 * 1080
Display ratio16:9
Screen brightness1500 nit
Product power consumption55 W
Working temperature0 ° -50 °
Product pricenegotiable

24 inch outdoor ultra high brightness LCD screen manufacturers use straight down LED backlighting, with brightness up to 500-3000nit. Equipped with an automatic dimming system, the screen brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the intensity of outdoor ambient light, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving! Adopting a patented structure and ultra-thin design, the picture is bright, the color is uniform, there is no light leakage or noise.

24 inch outdoor ultra-high brightness LCD screen functional characteristics:

1. Intelligent environment photosensitive function: Automatically adjust according to the ambient temperature to display the optimal state of the screen;

2. High and low temperature protection function: It has automatic temperature adjustment at low temperatures to prevent frostbite in standby mode. When the temperature exceeds the normal working range, the backlight will automatically turn off, and when the temperature returns to normal, it will automatically turn on to achieve protection;

3. Pre heating function: Unique ability to start up normally at low temperatures;

4. High efficiency blue light LED backlight: The ultra-low power consumption of blue light technology brings high-performance and ultra stable working conditions;

5. Low voltage constant current drive system: The low-voltage drive circuit design ensures excellent safety performance of the equipment.

Heat dissipation principle of 24 inch outdoor ultra-high brightness LCD screen:

Huayu High Display High Brightness Screen adopts an all aluminum alloy structure design with high thermal conductivity, which has four times the heat dissipation of ordinary metal structures, achieving maximum heat conduction, thereby reducing the overall operating temperature and meeting higher environmental requirements.

24 inch outdoor ultra-high brightness LCD screen application field:

Widely used in high-end fields such as outdoor digital signage, outdoor electronic newsboards, bus electronic stop signs, charging station advertising machines, security monitors, industrial displays, military and medical displays.

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