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  • 2023-08-31

    Parameters to consider when purchasing small and medium-sized TFT displays
    Parameters to consider when purchasing small and medium-sized TFT displaysThe adage that attention to detail makes the difference between success and failure applies to all products. The fields of application for tiny and medium-sized TFT display screens are expanding as the technology behind them c
  • 2023-07-17

    The difference between AMOLED, TFT, and IPS
    The difference between AMOLED, TFT, and IPSThere are several varieties of liquid crystal display technology, including AMOLED, TFT, and IPS panels. Each of them is made up of a liquid crystal layer, a backlighting component, and a color filter. However, their underlying ideas diverge.A series of emi
  • 2023-07-12

    TFT display reliability and operating environment
    TFT screens have dominated the visualization industry for a long time. TFT LCDs are widely used in our daily lives, including in communication equipment, household appliances, industrial automation goods, consumer and automotive applications, corporate settings, and healthcare. Although there are ma
  • 2023-07-04

    Application Purpose and Technical Details of a 7-inch TFT Display
    Characteristics and Process of LCD Display ScreenThe LCD display is also known as a liquid crystal display. The abbreviation for LCD in English is Liquid Crystal Display, which is a type of flat display. The LCD display screen uses two pieces of liquid crystal solution in polarized materials, and th
  • 2023-06-21

    Do you have a working knowledge of TFT, OLED, and AMOLED?
    Display technology can be challenging to understand, especially when there are so many acronyms and terminology to remember. TFT and OLED are two names that are frequently used, and AM-OLED is an acronym for an OLED technology variant. The terms TFT (Thin-Film Transistor), OLED (Organic Light-Emitti
  • 2023-06-16

    TFT and AMOLED screens differ from one another
    TFT and AMOLED screens differ from one another. The original TFT displays of mobile phones are now being replaced with AMOLED panels in an increasing number of devices today, and many phone buyers look for AMOLED when making a purchase.What precisely is an AMOLED screen, what are its advantages, and
  • 2023-06-06

    TFT Displays:Advantages and Drawbacks
    TFT Displays: Advantages and DrawbacksWhen we use the terms TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in this context, we are referring to TN (Twisted Nematic) type TFT displays, which are consistent with the terminology used in the TV and computer sectors. TFT displays currently accou




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