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Analysis Of High-End Custom Liquid Crystal Display Technology

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Analysis Of High-End Custom Liquid Crystal Display Technology

High-end bespoke LCD displays that we have manufactured for Colee Electron include IPS, high-brightness, full-adhesive technology, and industrial capacitive touchscreens. These are just some of the features that we have included. Today, we are going to show you some of these exhibits because we are excited to show you. The following information is offered for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the High-end Display technology that we utilize in a variety of LCD display modules.

Why Choose IPS?

Grayscale flipping is a phenomenon that can occur when TN panels are viewed from particular angles. This phenomenon ultimately leads to color shifts and an inability to view the content that is displayed on the display screen in an appropriate manner. When compared to the TN technology that is applied in traditional panels, this is extremely different. The IPS panel ensures that all of the content that is displayed on the screen is totally viewable from any angle. This is the case regardless of the viewing conditions. There has been a significant increase in the use of this particular sort of full view IPS LCD panel, and in the modern world, the vast majority of mobile phones and televisions are outfitted with this particular panel.

Why Choose Highlighting?

The current world in which we live is one that is extremely colorful and full of vitality. There is a great deal of importance placed on the method in which the content is displayed on the display screen. Those images that are dull and gloomy are not anything that anyone wants to look at. We are able to view images that are incredibly clear even when we are outside since our high-brightness LCD panel has a resolution of 1000cd/m2, which enables us to view images. It is essential to have as much light as possible in order to be able to read outside comfortably. Using Kelai, you will have access to a normal LCD panel that delivers an exceptionally high degree of brightness!

Full Fit!

optical performance of the LCD screen

The term "full fit technology" refers to the process of applying liquid glue and gel to the display in order to adhere the touch pad (or merely the protective glass). This can be done in order to adhere the touch pad. To speak more generally, this method has the potential to improve the optical performance of the module, as well as its longevity and dependability. If you want to ensure that your monitor has excellent optical performance and outstanding endurance, it is suggested that you go with our high-brightness IPS display screen with full fit. This is because it offers complete fit. There is a remarkable mix of product performance and competitiveness that is achieved when all of these technologies are combined with the product.

There is a possibility that you do not have a clear understanding of the rationale behind the boost of the optical performance of a display screen that is brought about by full bonding. In order to successfully connect the glass to the top surface of the display screen, the total bonding technique can be utilized. This process requires the employment of optical grade glue. It is because of this that the air gap that was previously there between the touchpad and the display screen has been eliminated. Through the process of reducing the air gap, we are able to lower the amount of internal reflective surfaces, which ultimately leads in an improvement in the LCD screen's optical performance. Among the many ways in which this phenomenon improves reading, two of the most notable are the reduction of reflection and the adjustment of contrast.

Why Use Industrial Capacitive Touch Screens?

Because of our highly competent engineers and channels that are specifically developed for industrial capacitive screen controllers, we are able to debug the touch effect. Gloves and water are both acceptable options for use with the touch screen of the device. It is simple to modify the touch functions of each of the devices so that they are compatible with them. On account of the fact that they are outfitted with highly developed capacitive screen controllers, our industrial touch screens are able to satisfy the great majority of the standards that are imposed by the industrial and medical sectors.

Why Use A Projection Capacitive Touch Screen?

capacitive touch screens

When it comes to touch screen technology, PCAP is the most cutting-edge and widely used. This makes it possible for people to engage with the display panel in a way that is completely natural. When it comes to mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices, this particular form of touch screen is the one that is utilized the most frequently. Through the use of this technology, you are able to click, scroll, zoom, pinch, and swipe without even realizing it. It is imperative that you select our PCAP projection capacitive touch screen if you are in the process of developing an application that calls for a user interface design that is both both intuitive and capable of facilitating seamless interaction with devices.

The main characteristics are as follows:

1. The cover glass has multiple thicknesses to choose from, such as 0.55, 0.7, 1.1, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 (mm), etc.

2. The cover glass can support the impact standard of IK07-IK09 (of course, it is also related to the size of the cover glass, please consult our engineers at Huizhou Kelai Electronics for details).

3. Supports multiple glove operations - not just rubber gloves - even cotton gloves.

4. It can be operated with water, even saltwater, and is suitable for navigation applications.

5. Multi touch, up to 10 fingers.

6. Excellent EMC, EMC, ESD, RS, CS performance.

Now that you have been given an introduction to customized LCD display technologies including IPS, high brightness, full fit technology, and industrial capacitive touch screens, you are in a position to select the customized LCD screen that is most suitable for your application with ease. In the event that you have any inquiries or issues, our knowledgeable staff is always accessible to provide assistance to you.




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