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What are the advantages of touch screens?

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What are the advantages of touch screens?


1.A surface acoustic touch panel is a feature of anti-violence, suitable for public places.
2.The second feature of the surface acoustic wave is its fast response speed, which is the fastest response speed among all touch screens.
3.The third feature of surface acoustic wave technology is stable performance because the principle of surface acoustic wave technology is stable, and the controller of the surface acoustic touch screen calculates the touch position by measuring the position of attenuation time on the time axis, so the surface acoustic touch screen is very stable and has very high precision.
4.The fourth feature of the surface acoustic touch screen is that the control card can know what dust and water droplets are, what fingers are, and how much is being touched.
5.The fifth feature of the surface acoustic touch screen is that it has a third axis Z-axis, that is, the pressure axis response. This is because the greater the force of the user touching the screen, the wider and deeper the attenuation gap on the received signal waveform.


The disadvantage of the surface acoustic touch screen is that the dust and water droplets on the surface of the touch screen also block the transmission of the surface acoustic wave. Although the smart control card can distinguish it, the signal attenuation is very severe when the dust accumulates to a certain extent. At this time, the surface acoustic touch screen becomes dull or even does not work. On the one hand, don't forget to clean the touch screen regularly every year.
Capacitive touch screen
The structure of a capacitive touch screen is mainly plated with a transparent film on the glass screen and a piece of protective glass on the conductor layer. The double-glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and inductor. In addition, each side of the attached touch screen is coated with long, narrow electrodes to create a low-voltage AC electric field in the conducting body. When the user touches the screen, a coupling capacitor will be formed between the human electric field, finger, and conductor layer, and the current from the electrodes on the four sides will flow to the contact, and its strength is proportional to the distance between finger and electrode. The controller behind the touch screen will calculate the proportion and strength of the current and accurately calculate the position of the touch point.
Infrared touch screens are cheap, easy to install, and can better sense light touch and fast touch. However, because the infrared touch screen relies on infrared sensing action, changes in external light, such as sunlight or indoor spotlights, will affect its accuracy. And the infrared touch screen is not waterproof and afraid of dirt; any small foreign objects will cause errors and affect its performance, making it not suitable for outdoor and public places.




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