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TFT LCD screen is very popular in the medical industry

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TFT LCD screen is very popular in the medical industry

Engineers and decision-makers need a thorough understanding of TFT liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) screen specifications and how they affect the finished product in order to select the best TFT LCD screen for medical applications. Understanding the distinction between a display and an LCD screen used in industry or by consumers is equally crucial.

TFT LCD screen demand for medical equipment

In the past, medical equipment with displays was frequently large and included a lot of scales and buttons. Because they are more difficult to clean than contemporary machines with flat touchscreen displays, machines with buttons and knots serve as a breeding ground for dangerous germs. In addition to making cleaning easier,TFT LCD touch screens on medical equipment also free up a lot of front panel area that may be utilized to show critical medical data.

1. A demanding workplace

Extreme temperatures, vibration and shock, humidity variations, and environmental factors can all have an impact on medical equipment. In order to preserve the display from the rigors of regular usage, it is necessary to have a TFT LCD screen that is extremely trustworthy.

Despite the fact that standard LCD screens do not perform well enough, medical TFT LCD screen vendors may improve their products with extras like optically bonded front panels, anti-reflective coatings, and transflective displays that have both reflecting and transmissive capabilities.

2. Medical Guidelines

Standard (such as monitors), life support (such as blood glucose meters), and life-critical equipment (such as ventilators) are three areas where the Medical TFT LCD screen module is frequently employed. The functionality, dependability, and mean time between failures (MTBF) requirements for these applications are highly different from one another. The American Society of Medical Physicists and the European DIN both provide acceptance test guidelines that are widely acknowledged in the industry. For resolution, noise, viewing angles, glare, color uniformity, distortion, reflections, luminance responsiveness, and luminance uniformity, both organizations have clearly established criteria.

It costs a lot of money and takes a long time to become certified to these requirements. Device makers are hesitant to change accepted standards such that continuous use of LCD panels is mandated. Numerous color liquid crystal displays have a life duration of more than 10 years in order to assure the longevity of the TFT liquid crystal display module.

3. TFT LCD-equipped medical equipment

The correct operation of the lungs can be maintained by a ventilator. It cannot cure or treat a health issue, but it can assist you with breathing while you receive treatment or after your health has improved.

Humidifiers are made to raise the temperature and humidity of the gas the patient delivers and to give the ideal conditions for better patient comfort.

A medical device called an infusion pump is used to regulate the fluid flow to a patient. Infusion pumps come in a wide variety of designs and are employed in a variety of settings and for a variety of reasons. Since infusion pumps administer fluids at exact frequencies, quantities, and intervals, they are superior than manual infusion pumps. The 2.8-inch color thin-film transistor liquid crystal module from Topmicro is integrated into the gadget.




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