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Do touch screens help a lot with computer programming?

Views: 207     Author: Andy     Publish Time: 2023-05-16      Origin: Site


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Do touch screens help a lot with computer programming?

up to now

Never met a programmer who used touch screen code.

I've never seen a product manager write requirements on a touch screen.

I haven't seen a test of bug raising using touch screens.

I haven't seen an IDE that uses a touch screen to write code.

That will help when you can program touch screens on the iPadPro.

When it comes to hardware that can improve programming efficiency, the first screen, if you can get a double screen, is the best. If it's a notebook, make a bigger one. Because when you are programming, you must open the IDE while opening the web page or document description or design, and then look at the database or other data to know what the result is, and keep cutting out the parts that have the most impact on efficiency.

When it comes to software, how can you improve programming efficiency?

This is about starting by analyzing where you waste the most time on programming. Only by understanding the pain points can we make improvements.

press According to the experience of most programmers, the first thing that affects efficiency is the idea, which can also be the design of programming. If you can think about how to write before programming, then it is actually half done. Therefore, the way to improve this part of efficiency is to have a good set of flow charts or mind mapping software, which can indeed improve the efficiency of sorting out ideas to a certain extent.

Second, debugging. Because of our programming habits, many times the code we write will have a lot of small problems, causing a lot of difficulties in debugging the code. So good IDE software also helps a lot. It helps us to do the linting, debugging, and square It can save a lot of time.

Finally, soft power, more tools, and design garbage will lead your program to keep rewriting, adding more functions, and then patching until the final write cannot be overturned again, a waste of time. So still, to improve the soft power, design a scalable and robust program from the beginning, do a good unit test, and to avoid overturning and repeating, copy and paste is the most helpful.




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