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Which hurts the eye more, ips or tn?

Views: 206     Author: Andy     Publish Time: 2023-05-17      Origin: Site


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Which hurts the eye more, ips or tn?

The eye injury or not, and an IPS or TN panel regardless!

But generally speaking, the IPS-grade display is higher than the TN-grade, the overall performance will be better, it may look more comfortable, and if you do not understand, a more expensive one will be better.

Most mainstream LED backlight displays are PWM dimming, and the eye comfort mainly depends on the PWM dimming frequency. The high-end displays of EIZO are above 8000 HZ, while the ordinary home display is generally more than 1000 HZ, so the feeling is very different. Even the EIZO CX series and CG series I use are different. The CG series obviously looks more comfortable, indicating that even different displays are treated differently.

The so-called game display is generally a home display; do not expect to look more comfortable; reducing the time with the eye is the most effective. EIZO's better professional series of displays are not cheap; if you care about this aspect, I recommend buying the EIZO CG series.

It's the backlight that hurts the eye, not the screen material.

The screen material affects the resolution, color gamut, color accuracy, and so on; these have an impact on the eyes, such as whether it looks vivid or beautiful, but this is not the key to fatigue. The more colors the human eye needs to distinguish, the easier it is to get tired. Life experience is easy to get; simple patterns and colors are easier to see; complex patterns and colors tire the eyes. So the high color gamut may look more comfortable, but it's not necessarily more eye-friendly.

What hurts the eye and really determines the damage is the backlight system. Staring at the screen is equivalent to staring at a low

light flashlight; you must be tired. If the flashlight is very bright, the uniformity is poor, and the light is dazzling, the eyes will get tired faster.

Early CCFL backlight is the principle of fluorescence afterglow; although the panel is poor, the backlight is dark, but it is really not easy to get tired in the long term. Now the led backlight, a lot of which is dazzling light, and still high-frequency PMW dimming, flashing constantly, make it look easy to get tired.

So buy a monitor to use the eyes to receive the goods. Look at the color performance under low brightness; the high-end display under low brightness is still clear. In addition, choose DC dimming, or the screen will not flash when the phone takes a photo.

Mid- and high-end displays are more likely to be invisible. In addition to the realistic effect brought by the screen material, more importantly, a good display backlight system is more likely to be better. The Eizo, for example, also uses IPS and has the same high clarity at low brightness.




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