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Vehicle Lcd Display Technology

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Vehicle Lcd Display Technology

It is becoming an increasingly significant aspect in the automotive industry to provide liquid crystal display (LCD) displays that are acceptable for installation inside of automobiles. These displays may be found in modern vehicles. These screens give the driver and passengers access to a multitude of information as well as a range of different ways to entertain themselves. The capabilities of these displays are not restricted to merely giving navigation and information regarding the status of the vehicle; rather, they contain functions such as multimedia entertainment, intelligent interconnection, reverse imaging, safety warnings, and other features that are analogous to these capabilities. As a direct consequence of this, they have developed into an important part of modern cars, which is the direct cause of their development into an essential part of modern vehicles.

Characteristics Of Kelai Car Display Screen

The car-mounted display screen that Kelai provides uses cutting-edge LCD display technology, making it one of the company's most marketable products. This gives the screen the ability to adapt to specific usage scenarios and fulfill the specific requirements of each individual consumer. The following is a list of descriptions of the qualities that display panels need have in order to be eligible for installation within automobiles:

6.58 Inch IPS Screen for Access Control

  • Moisture-Proof And Dust-Proof Characteristics:

Because of this, the on-board display screen needs to be resistant to moisture and dust in order for it to continue functioning normally and reliably over time. Because the driving process of the vehicle may subject it to dusty or moist conditions, the information that is displayed on the in-car display screen also needs to be able to display effectively.

  • Anti Glare Design:

Displays that are mounted in vehicles typically have an anti-glare feature built into their design. This feature lessens the amount of glare and reflections that are produced by the display. Because of this, it is possible to view the information that is being displayed on the screen without any problem even when the sun is shining rather brightly.

  • Visible In Sunlight:

Even when the sun is shining brightly outside, the information that is displayed on the panel of the vehicle's display needs to have high brightness levels so that it can be read properly. This is necessary to ensure that the information can be viewed clearly. It is necessary to accomplish this in order to keep everyone safe and to provide a pleasurable visual experience for the driver.

  • High And Low Temperature Resistance Characteristics:

Because of the huge variety of climatic conditions that cars are driven in, the display screen that is contained within them needs to be able to continue functioning normally at temperatures that range from extremely hot to extremely low. This is necessary in order to ensure that the car will continue to work normally whatever the conditions outside.

  • Wide Temperature Lcd Display Technology:

Using a broad temperature range in their cooking LCD displays are able to sustain consistent operation throughout a wide temperature range thanks to the technology that underpins them. This technology also makes it possible to prevent fluctuations in temperature from having an impact on the visual effect. This capacity is especially useful in situations that involve elements of the natural world.

  • Capacitive Touch Technology:

The use of capacitive touch technology can improve the sensitivity and precision of operation, making it possible for users to manage the information displayed on the car's display screen in a way that is not only more convenient but also completed more rapidly. This is due to the fact that capacitive touch technology has the potential to increase both the sensitivity and the precision of the operation.

The Advantages Of Kelai Car Display Screen

Kelai's offering of a display screen that can be mounted inside of a vehicle makes use of cutting-edge technology and is continually developed in order to fulfill the specific requirements that must be met by the screen while the vehicle is in motion. Because of this, both drivers and passengers benefit from an improved level of comfort and satisfaction with their overall experience.

11.6 Inch Lcd Module for Tablet

To begin, we apply OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive), which is a technology for optical bonding, in conjunction with AR (Anti Reflective), which is a technology for optical coating, in order to significantly increase the optical performance of car-mounted liquid crystal displays. Both of these technologies are optical bonding technologies. The OCA optical bonding technology has the ability to efficiently lower the reflectivity of light, hence reducing the amount of light that is reflected on the display surface and ultimately increasing the display effect. This potential is especially useful when the display is subjected to high light irradiation. It has the ability to improve both the transparency of the display screen and the quality of the image displayed on it. The AR optical coating approach makes use of a thin film structure, which, by utilizing destructive interference theories, either reduces the amount of light reflection or removes it altogether. This leads to an increase in transmittance, which in turn results in an improvement in contrast and the elimination of ghosting. When there is a lot of sunshine, this helps to make the content that is being delivered clearer and more visible to the audience. Increasing contrast, lowering reflectance, and enhancing visibility are all aims that can be accomplished with the assistance of the technologies discussed here. If extensive OCA optical bonding and AR optical coating technology are applied, the on-board LCD display screen will be able to obtain superior display effects under daily driving and special lighting situations. These improvements will be possible regardless of the lighting conditions. This makes it simpler for drivers and passengers to receive the necessary information, which improves the driving experience by making it safer and more comfortable.

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Huizhou Kelai Electronics Co., Ltd. holds the ITAF16949 certificate issued by TUV. The company adheres to strict quality management standards and can produce various automotive TFT LCDs with sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 12.3 inches, meeting different size requirements. Our TFT LCD industrial LCD is specially developed for automotive display screen applications, meeting the requirements of automotive specifications. It has wider working and storage temperature, anti glare function, and higher display brightness, providing high-quality and adaptable TFT LCD displays for the automotive industry, providing the best display effect for different types of cars.            




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