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LCD screen innovation trend

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LCD screen innovation trend

In recent years, the focus of the LCD industry has slowly shifted to China. Since July 2016, the Chinese mainland's high-generation TFT-LCD panel production line has been frequently reported; according to the data of the LCD industry development analysis report, in the next few years

With the increase in investment in Chinese enterprises, the production capacity of the LCD industry will continue to grow. It is expected that the market size of LCD in China will reach hundreds of billions of yuan. What is the future development trend of LCD? Next, follow the micro and Sheng technology of Xiaobian together to take a look at it!

1. Embedded touch control technology

With the gradual improvement of the majority of users 'requirements for the visual effect of mobile phone screens and the continuous extension of the company's product line of touch control and display, the development trend of a fully integrated touch control display is obvious. Touch manufacturers such as Chen Hong, Shenghua, and Dahong actively layout OGS, while LG, Samsung, Sharp, and other leading panel enterprises are accelerating the application of on- and in-cell technology.

2.the OLED display technology

OLED is the most promising new display technology after CRT (cathode ray tube) and FPD (flat panel display), with ultra-lightness, high brightness, a large viewing angle, low power consumption, high clarity, bending, and so on. It can effectively meet consumers' new demands for wide perspective, lightness, softness, and high color saturation, among which AMOLED is the most widely used.

3.3D glass

3D glass with an arc design conforms to the requirements of ergonomics, has strong heat dissipation, good elasticity, and is not fragile, especially with 3D glass as a mobile phone back. It can effectively solve the traditional metal case of radio signal shielding problems, and then for wireless charging and high bandwidth, the high rate of the next generation of mobile communication technology applications has been widely concerned by the mobile phone manufacturers in recent years. 4, sapphire material application

Sapphire material has a large hardness and a high dielectric constant, and the glass cover plate made of it has the characteristics of good heat conductivity, scratch resistance, sensitive fingerprint identification, and a beautiful appearance. At present, Lens Technology, Zhaoyuan, and other companies have achieved mass production of sapphire mobile phone cover plates, which are widely used in smart phones, wearable devices, and other electronic consumer fields.




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