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How to correctly assemble the LCD screen?

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How to correctly assemble the LCD screen?

The main tools for assembling LCD screens are hammers and wrenches, which are used to screw the frame feet. The sequence of the assembly operation is to first place all the tools and raw materials on the workbench in an orderly manner. Next, put the shell on the workbench correctly according to the instructions on the process card. If there is assembly tooling, put it on the tooling as required, and pay attention to the correct direction of the shell. Next, remove the protective film from the LCD screen and wipe the electrodes clean with dust-free paper. After confirming the direction, follow the instructions on the process card and put it in the case correctly. Take out the circuit board. If you want to add a backlight, first fix the backlight on the PCB board. Align the circuit board with the frame position according to the instructions on the process card, install the shell to compress the zebra strips, and fix the shell and the circuit board with a special assembly tool. Note that the frame feet are twisted to a 45° angle; do not bite the board if the card is broken; make the frame and the PCB board make parallel contact. Finally, remove the assembled finished product from the workbench, paste on the protective film, and put it into the turnover tray. Pay attention to making the screen and the screen face each other and the plate and the plate face each other to avoid scratches. After the product is assembled, it will be handed over to the inspector for inspection and reassembled if it is unqualified.

The purpose of LCD liquid crystal screen assembly is to make the screen and each electrode of the circuit board one-to-one so that they can complete the electrical performance. However, because the screen is not in direct contact with the circuit board and the conductive adhesive strip is used as the medium, the screen and the board cannot be visually correlated, so the respective corresponding electrodes cannot correspond to each other, causing misalignment. The connection of the corresponding electrodes of the screen and the circuit board during the assembly process is called alignment. In the assembly process, the alignment of the screen and the board and the alignment of the shell and the board are mainly used to realize the corresponding connection between the screen and the board in the assembly. As an intermediate medium, the shell is used as the corresponding standard between the screen and the shell, which plays a great role in the alignment. The alignment methods mainly include side alignment, pinhole alignment, and middle alignment.




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