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How Do ​I Choose The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Display?

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How Do ​I Choose The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Display?


Growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6% is projected to bring the market for electric vehicles (EVs) to USD 802.75 billion by 2028. Automobile enthusiasts are anticipating the vehicles of the future. Investing in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging lowers the carbon footprint of governments worldwide. The more EVs are used, the more strain the nation's charging infrastructure will have to withstand. With the increasing popularity of electric cars (EVs), there is a growing need for touchscreen displays and touch panels that can be used to control EVs. Due to the abundance of options on the market, selecting the ideal charging display can be a difficult task.

Growing EV prices and an expanding network of charging stations are set to fuel this market's spectacular expansion. Electric Charging Stations are always equipped with Touch Screen User Interfaces to facilitate the process of refuelling autos for customers. When investing in an EV charging display, there are numerous aspects and considerations that need to be made.

The best electric car charging companies will survive in the long run, despite the fact that many other companies exist today. One of the things that might make it stand out from the competition is the display, as customers interact with it the most.

It is our express purpose at Kelani to produce touch screens that work with charging stations. TFT LCDs for EV chargers are what we produce. The following list of variables will help you make informed decisions and avoid mistakes.

How Big The Screen Is?

The size of the display is the most important factor to take into consideration, first and foremost. We live in a visually stimulating world where everything is vibrant and brilliant, and the emphasis these days is on displays and graphics in every aspect of life. Therefore, the size of the display screen is the most crucial thing to consider. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about the most common display sizes.

The most frequent display sizes for electric vehicle chargers are 7 inches, 10.1 inches, and 15 inches. Your design will determine the size, but it is really important to think about what will be most helpful to the person who will be using it. It's possible that people of all ages, in a variety of settings, and with varying degrees of expertise would use the station. Because of this, choosing a display that's any smaller than 7 inches could make operation more difficult for some of these users.

Superb Brightness

The high screen brightness is the second thing we should look for in an EV charging display. Because nothing irritates me more than a display that has material that is difficult to see. Consequently, a display that performs well outside will be brighter and easier for users to operate.High brightness TFT LCDs from Kelai make it simple for consumers to operate since they are easily observable and won't strain their eyes.


3.97 Inch IPS 480x800 Display Module

The majority of the time, charging stations operate without supervision and are forced to withstand the severe elements, such as rain, sun, and other general environmental conditions. The fact that the display for the electric vehicle charging station is waterproof is also another crucial aspect. In order for the display to last for a significant amount of time, it must be watertight.

Panel Touchscreen

The capacitive touch technology that we have now is dominating the market. Touchscreen panels that are adaptable for usage in electric vehicle charging are in more demand as the market share of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise. The size of the touchscreen panel controls the amount of information that may be displayed all at once. The visual quality will be determined, among other things, by the type of touchscreen panel used, such as resistive or capacitive. The readability of the display in direct sunlight and at wide viewing angles are both factors that will determine how easy it is to read the display in a variety of lighting settings.

LCD Screen

Any electric vehicle (EV) charger absolutely needs to have an LCD. It gives information on the level of the battery, the charging status, and the estimated time till the battery is fully charged. There are a wide variety of embedded touchscreen display options available, and their sizes range from extremely small screens measuring only 7 inches to large panels of 55 inches.

You need to give some thought to the functions and features that are most important to you when selecting an LCD for the charger for your electric vehicle. The size of the LCD panel is what controls how much information can be displayed all at once.

Durable And Dense Glass

Most chargers that are located in public spaces are susceptible to abuse or damage. For diameters 7′′–10.1′′, the ideal glass is often one that is at least 4-6 mm thick, thermally tempered, or chemically reinforced. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass—a chemically reinforced variety of glass with a 9H hardness rating and the ability to bear 50 kg of pressure—might be something to think about (when the diamond is 10H). But for the most part, the most cost-effective material remains to be thermally tempered glass in thicknesses between 4 and 10 mm; we utilise this method for most of our projects.


4.96 Inch 720x1280 IPS TFT touch screen

Even in low-light settings, drivers need to be able to operate the user interface effectively so that they can accurately monitor the level of charge in their battery. It is essential for the user interface as well as the touchscreen to maintain their responsiveness and interactivity at all times, regardless of the amount of dirt, muck, or filth that may accumulate. ensuring that the touchscreen works as well as it possibly can for the application that it is being used for in order to achieve the best possible results.

Optical Fusion

Optical bonding considerably reduces the internal reflections between the cover lens, sensor, and display layers by utilising optically clear adhesives to fill the air spaces between those layers. This greatly improves the display's mechanical strength while also making the screen much easier to read outside and in brightly lit environments.

Numerous advantages come with optical bonding, including increased sunlight readability, less reflections, protection from humidity or fog for the display, four times or more contrast ratio, increased toughness and durability, lower electricity consumption, etc.

These days, a decent EV charging display should have all of the characteristics listed above. Additionally, Kelai's TFT LCD for EV charger is a superior product that will address all of its customers' issues. Since we deal in customised goods, we also manufacture our items in accordance with customer specifications.

Touch screens and Kelai's distinctive products can be paired in a number of ways to satisfy your needs.Kelai is quite good at providing solutions for touch screens.

If you're looking for a manufacturer or touch display specialist, click the link and fill out the form. A company representative will reply to your message within a day.


When choosing the perfect display for an EV charger, consider the size, sort, and functions that are important to you. The size of the display determines how much information can be shown at once. The type of display, such as LCD or LED, will determine the image quality. The ease of viewing the display under all lighting conditions will also depend on elements like wide viewing angles and sunlight legibility.

Kelai has committed itself to providing solutions for touch displays. It is an experienced manufacturer of touch screens and TFT LCDs that provides PCAP, resistive, and TFT LCDs in standard and custom configurations. Our objective is to become a one-stop shop for all of our clients in terms of one-touch display module solutions, operating on a global scale.




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