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4 factors to consider when choosing a LCD displays

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4 factors to consider when choosing a LCD displays

Every company's digital marketing strategy must include industrial and commercial LCD panels and monitors. With their distinctive acoustic and visual enhancements, these displays may elevate your digital advertising to the next level and draw in clients even from a distance. Waterproof and sunlight-readable LCD monitors are useful for a wide range of things, including billboards, interactive retail signage, and product displays. You should consider the following criteria while making a purchase.

Screen size

Your LCD display's position should be taken into account when determining screen size. Make sure the LCD display is situated in a visible area that is free of any physical impediments for the best advertising effectiveness. When choosing the size, take into account how far away your audience will be viewing the screen.Advertising LCD displays for outdoor use should be much larger than those for use in offices or interior environments.

Aspect ratios of pixels

Pixel aspect ratios, often known as resolution, show how many horizontal and vertical pixels an industrial LCD screen has. The quality of the films and graphics on the screen is impacted by this. Higher resolution or aspect ratio panels, like 1920p:1080p, are more common in current technology. For the clearest possible view, your screen has 1080 pixels vertically and 1920 pixels horizontally. The resolution will be higher on a larger screen.

Optimal performance

You should consider the many distinctive features that industrial LCD monitors have to offer. Spend some time investigating various display settings and features before making a purchase. Compare such features to the fundamental technological requirements of your commercial applications. To put it another way, think about why you're buying the display in the first place and what you plan to use it for. A small- or medium-sized screen should be adequate if you only require a tiny display to amuse or inform patients while they wait in your medical clinic. However, if you want to utilize the screen for indoor or outdoor advertising, you'll need one with features like waterproofing, high resolution, sunlight readability, and remote control functionality, to mention a few.


In the absence of the technological components to which they are connected, industrial displays are useless. The information that appears on the screen is sent to them by these devices. Therefore, multi-port connectivity for a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and more, is required for industrial LCD panels. The Internet of Things (IoT) is what this is.

Display connections are, of course, not simply for computers. The industrial screens must also be compatible with input and output peripherals including keyboards, mice, printers, and storage devices like hard drives and flash drives.In addition to LTPS-TFT, AM-OLED, Oxide-TFT, and IN-CELU, ON-CELL integrated touch control, Kelai is the owner of the top technology in these fields. Our 30 fully automated production lines have a monthly LCD module capacity of 2000K and a monthly assembly capacity of 1600K. Managers from a variety of backgrounds, including Hong Kong Varitronix, CMI, and Truly, make up the senior management team of Kelai. Intercoms, attendance machines, communication, medical equipment, household appliances, industrial control, automotive play, electronic toys, wearable technology, and other industries have all seen extensive use of our goods. In particular POS and Access Control. The goods are well-liked throughout the world, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.




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