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3 Tips for choosing a manufacturer of TFT liquid crystal display

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3 Tips for choosing a manufacturer of TFT liquid crystal display

The tft liquid crystal display market has been booming recently, but because upstream panel manufacturers, chip manufacturers, etc. are all oligopolies and TFT display suppliers are essentially on the verge of extinction, finding a breakthrough in this intensely competitive market is what every tft LCD display manufacturer is searching for. 

1. The TFT display supplier's internal production technology is excellent.

There won't be any tough competition in any fierce competition if there is no internal cultivation. Internal cultivation is the first step because, if you are good enough, you can stand out in this industry and stand out. What exactly is internal repair then? Internal repair is a good production method, and the product's main competitive advantage. The only way to make the product more competitive is to continuously optimize the production process. Costs are indirectly decreased by boosting the production sector.

2. The price of TFT display manufacturers

For TFT display suppliers, price is crucial. We all know that many panel makers and IC manufacturers are part of the monopoly business upstream of the producers of tft LCD displays and require monetary transactions, which results in tft LCD displays. Many issues have been brought on by manufacturers. Consequently, in light of the dire state of the market, it is equally crucial to cut expenses and boost efficiency. Terminal items give price a lot of consideration in addition to product quality.

3. TFT display manufacturers' innovation

The trend of the moment will eventually drive out the stale TFT display suppliers, while the future TFT LCD display manufacturers will concentrate on innovation, make strides to address their own shortfalls, and have a sense of innovation in their goods and services. in order to remain current. The fundamental attributes of a good tft LCD display manufacturer are their ability to foster a culture of virtuous growth and virtuous cycle in their business, as well as their enthusiasm for it.

Because the production equipment for tft LCD displays is completely automatic equipment and the last machine can produce thousands of pieces in an hour, it is hard for a professional TFT display supplier to perform mass production if the quantity is too little. The production method is also the same. The entire procedure must be followed in order to produce 100 pieces, and it costs the same to produce 10,000 pieces due to labor costs and machine adjustments. As a result, the cost of a tft LCD display increases with the number of units produced.

The price of raw materials is the second factor. The cost of the raw materials used in the order will change if there are many tft LCD panels ordered. The notion of tier-based quotation is used by all raw material manufacturers. The price decreases with more quantities. Everyone is aware of this, thus the cost of raw materials will also change along with the cost of tft LCD.




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