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Why Taobao online shopping LCD screen prices are ridiculously low?

Views: 209     Author: Andy     Publish Time: 2023-05-22      Origin: Site


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Why Taobao online shopping LCD screen prices are ridiculously low?

Nowadays, in the Internet era, online shopping has become the mainstream of young people's shopping. For many display solutions, including some that use LCD screens, most people prefer to go to Taobao and Alibaba suppliers. After comparing the results, it was found that there is a certain difference in the price of the display screen between Taobao and Alibaba. The price is usually cheaper, while Alibaba needs to contact merchants, and the price is more real and reliable. At this point, the engineer and the buyer were confused. Where is the product of the LCD screen? How do you choose?
As the saying goes, "cheap is not good! How should the user choose the display screen?

Here's why there's such a big price gap:

For the 12864 monochrome LCD screen with a font of more than ten yuan, most of the goods they supply are old, which are on the old machines that have been dismantled. Usually, you can't tell if the LCD is new or old. The main reason is that after a while, its glass turns a dark yellow, and the backlight darkens quickly. Or, the regular brand manufacturers of the 12864 LCD screen are definitely not disassembled material producers.

2. Each screen batch issued will have a different color. Because all the materials chosen are made from different batches of scrap and other grids. Not a batch of large glass cut. Or regular brand manufacturers of LCD screen glass and polarizers must have good consistency to ensure the consistency of the color and quality of the same batch of LCD screens.

3. After-sales maintenance is very difficult. People around the world probably know that when you buy an LCD screen on Taobao, the seller is warm and thoughtful. As soon as we need a repair or some after-sales service, the seller becomes an uncle and is pushed around; even the Taobao store is gone!

4. Technical support is not in place. I bought the 12864 LCD screen on Taobao. If I need tech support, it's harder than climbing a mountain! 

5. The use of materials is not real: the use of gold-plated PCB, coating is very thin, easy oxidation. Bonding wire adhesion is not enough, even with aluminum wire bonding. After a short period of use, there will be a "flower screen" phenomenon, and so on. Regular manufacturers or brand manufacturers will certainly choose gold-plated PCBs; the bonding line must also be gold wire. Only in this way can the screen be guaranteed to run normally for more than 100,000 hours.

6. Cutting corners, using only two backlights, and increasing brightness by increasing voltage are easy ways to lead to backlight failure. A regular crystal screen is made up of many backlights and will last no less than 50,000 hours.




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