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What is the difference between car screen and ordinary LCD screen?

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What is the difference between car screen and ordinary LCD screen?

LCD screen requirements are different in different areas, according to the requirements of the degree of division.

They are:

Consumer, industry, medical, vehicle, military, and aerospace visible vehicles LCD screens are second only to the military level in terms of technology, materials, and environmental adaptation.
First of all, the working environment of the car is very complex. Parked outside in summer, the temperature inside the car can reach more than 60 degrees, and it can reach more than 80 degrees in direct sunlight. In the north, it can be as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter, making it impossible to use an ordinary LCD screen. And the car screen needs to resist high and low temperatures for the owner to display driving information.
Vehicle LCD not only needs to be tested in various environmental experiments (cold, hot, dust, etc.), but also needs to carry out mechanical experiments (impact, drop, vibration, etc.) and optical experiments (brightness, viewing angle, color gamut, etc.), and these meet the parameters of the civilian-level LCD screen, which is far higher.
Vehicle LCD screens are not only required to work in very extreme temperatures at the technical level due to the special outdoor use of vehicle LCD screens but also need to be moisture-proof, rainproof, lightning-proof, sunscreen-proof, dustproof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, anti-seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, and at the same time have overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, and other functions to become qualified car screens.
Unlike household appliances and other products, automobiles and engineering vehicles need different environments or long working hours and also need to ensure safe and stable operation to protect the lives of drivers.
When the on-board LCD screen works normally, the GPU and display of the LCD module will heat up during use. The higher the resolution of the LCD screen, the greater the heat will be. Therefore, it is also a big technical problem to develop a set of hardware products that meet the conditions of vehicle use. Because of these reasons, compared to mobile phones, computers, TVs, and other LCD screens, the car screen is relatively conservative.




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