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How to maintain LCD TV

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How to maintain LCD TV

LCD TV maintenance

High temperature

1.LCD TVs are no more than two kinds of wall hanging and frame type of placement, but for the same model and the same purchase date of the machine, the wall of the machine is more likely to fail than the seat type, and the same fault is 1-2 years earlier, so it seems that it is related to temperature. In this case, to repair the machine, two computer fans will be installed to ensure that the temperature will not be repaired in the warranty period.

2.corrosion resistance.Karaoke, near the kitchen of the machine, has a higher failure rate than other machines, and their problems are from the metal surface corrosion between the connectors, which even leads to double panel copper eye corrosion. The source of this phenomenon is, of course, the air quality problem. For the maintenance of this situation, the use of thermal grease seals does not affect the heat dissipation method. Of course, the metal of the connector should be rubbed clean with an eraser.

3.Black spots appear.Almost all LCD screens will appear black belt, bright line problem, repair this fault first to have maintenance conditions, as far as possible to use thermal conductivity grease coated more points on the module IC of COF after the completion of maintenance. Because the problem is also caused by temperature.Common machine and fault phenomena and troubleshooting methods

1.The LCD screen problem (black belt, bright line) is the most, this situation is generally not able to do under the condition of no maintenance, only rely on technology and maintenance conditions.

2.LG V6 V7 screen components of the buffer board is often bad phenomenon is full screen miscellaneous points, also some is full screen regular vertical bar, this fault can be replaced with a pair of buffer board (even if one side is bad, but also buy a pair. They won't sell you a single one) or measure out which piece of IC is broken and replace it.

3.No matter what kind of LCD screen, Y board is in the PDP machine inside the chance of bad account for the second, it is damaged after the phenomenon is generally flower screen, full of color spots, or caused by short circuit power supply protection, VS or VA voltage instantaneously, but can not reach the table voltage value on the screen.

4.X board is also a PDP machine in the bad component, its performance is boot protection (Fujitsu screen mostly), and brightness.

5.logic board failure rate is not low, in the PDP LCD are more common, its performance is more screen light, but there will be no character, no image, or image random color, lack of color, negative image, etc. Some don't turn on yet.

6.LCD common fault is the problem on the LCD screen, dark belt, line, is the most common, these basic can be summarized LCD screen problems, some to have maintenance conditions to repair, some because of high temperature, resulting in COF and LCD screen connection point ACF out. This phenomenon can be repaired by the method of hot insulation medium under the flat iron.

7.LCD machine, screen component inverter circuit (high pressure plate) is a fault multiple parts, performance is boot light, but no light for a while, but there is sound, (SHARP) excepted, but optical tube aging and damage will lead to high pressure plate protection, judge the light tube or high pressure plate itself bad method is to cancel the high pressure plate average comparison feedback circuit.

8.Many friends ask SHARP LCD how to repair, in fact, it is similar to ordinary LCD, after entering the maintenance menu, you can see the fault item there is a fault code, some directly to the code zero, some will repair the corresponding fault location.




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