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ips surgery is different from ips act

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ips surgery is different from ips act

What does IPS screen mean?

IPS is the abbreviation of English in-plane switching,  meaning plane switching screen technology, launched by Hitachi. In 2001, liquid crystal panel technology, commonly known as
SuperTFT is the most advanced LCD panel technology in the world. It has been widely used in LCD displays and mobile phone screens.

IPS screen benefits

1. Large viewing angle
The angle of view of the IPS screen panel can reach 178 degrees. The color variation between the front view and different angles is called the color distortion ratio.
Not being able to tell with the naked eye means the picture is the same whether viewed from the front or the side.
2. The color is real.
This is also the full display of IPS screen color throw pillow features. The IPS screen consists of dry color flipping with height conversion performance, allowing you to enjoy it from any angle.
To see bright colors, saturated with nature-quality pictures.
3. Excellent dynamic picture quality
IPS screen can appear the performance of dynamic high-definition picture, especially suitable for motion image reproduction with no residual shadow and trailing, is to watch digital high-definition video and fast motion 3, dynamic picture quality is excellent.
IPS screens can appear to have the performance of a dynamic high-definition picture, especially suitable for motion image reproduction with no residual shadow or trailing, and are a good carrier for watching digital high-definition video and fast motion pictures, such as competition games and box action movies.
4, energy saving, and environmental protection
PS screen technology also has a major breakthrough in the end of nuclear energy; IPS screen power consumption is further reduced, resulting in more energy savings and environmental protection. The combination of liquid crystal molecules has been modified.
Reasonable arrangements reduce the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, thus changing the transmittance of the liquid crystal screen and enhancing the display effect, but also make the display panel thinner and more power-saving.
5: accurate color
IPS screen technology is favored by professionals to meet the more demanding color requirements of professionals in the design, printing, aerospace, and other industries.
IPS screen disadvantages
Because IPS screens are arranged horizontally with liquid crystal molecules, they increase the viewing angle but reduce light penetration. In order to better display bright colors, backlighting is needed.
As a result, light leakage is extremely common on IPS screens. With the increase in screens, large areas of edge light leakage have always been a criticism of IPS.
Increasing the backlight because IPS screens don't improve penetration also takes away the competitive advantage of high contrast. IPS typically have a static contrast ratio of 2000 to 1.
-3000:1. The low contrast ratio on AV screens, which can easily reach 5000:1 at static, is also a drawback.
Differences between IPS technology and IPS screens
The IPS screen is a display panel with IPS technology. An IPS screen is a screen that uses IPS technology. The best thing about the IPS screen is that it has both poles.
The same face. Because of their characteristics, IPS screens are more suitable for touch-enabled TVs and public display devices.




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