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  • 2023-08-24

    Seven reasons why LCD display flicker
    Shielding coils, signal interference, hardware, the refresh frequency setting, an excessively lengthy monitor refresh time, an excessively high refresh frequency, and a frequency that is similar to the frequency of the light source are the causes of LCD displays with flashing screens.1. The Shieldin
  • 2023-07-04

    The basic knowledge of LCD
    LCD Display History 1970s. We now have the first commercial applications for liquid crystals after almost 100 years. Hoffman-LaRoche applied for a patent in Switzerland in 1970 for the liquid crystal phenomenon known as the twisted nematic (TN) field effect. Following that, the business granted a l
  • 2023-06-30

    Why are there black spots on the liquid crystal display?
    Why are there black spots on the liquid crystal displayHave you seen a black spot on your LCD's liquid crystal? It's likely to stick out like a sore thumb whether it's at the top, bottom, or out to the side. The black area will likely be the first thing you see when you turn on the LCD. However, if




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